“The Bachelor: Women Tell All” Recap: Arie Luyendyk Confronted By Krystal

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Bachelor Women Tell All Recap February 25 2018

By Shari Weiss |

Bachelor Women Tell All Recap February 25 2018

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On Sunday’s “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All,” Arie Luyendyk and Krystal fought again, he was confronted by Caroline, Bekah and Tia sparred, and much more. Get the full recap below!

The special episode brought 18 of this season’s eliminated contestants back together to reflect on their journeys. The gathering marked the first time they reunited with Arie since he eliminated them. But first, the women talked amongst themselves. Marikh was still offended over Chelsea’s “glam shaming,” but the first real dispute arose between Tia and Bekah. The former apologized that the latter was “so hurt” by Tia questioning Bekah’s readiness to Arie.

In defending her own maturity, Bekah brought up Krystal, which allowed host Chris Harrison to change the subject to this cycle’s villain. She was invited into the “hot seat,” and in never-before-seen footage, Krystal was shown bad-mouthing both Arie and her competitors in explicit language. She expressed regret over not forming friendships, but defended much of her behavior as “the name of the game.”

Caroline branded her a “sociopath,” and Krystal in turn called her out for “mocking” her. Given the chance to outright apologize, she instead said, “I’ll bite my tongue,” but Krystal did ultimately declare, “I am sorry.” And in a tearful moment, she deemed the experience “all worth it” because her brother was inspired to come off the streets after seeing her talk about his homelessness on the show.

Seinne was the next to take the “hot seat,” and said that with the passage of time, she felt “confident” that she and Arie were “not meant to be together.” Though “shocked” by her elimination at the time, she was now at “peace” after seeing his relationships with the other women unfold. During Bekah’s turn, she said it was “really painful” watching the footage, and stressed how the “judgment” over her age was hard to take, prompting her and Tia to go back and forth again.

Bekah also “set the record straight” on reports she was “missing, and Harrison predicted she’ll be “missing” again this summer, thanks to “Bachelor in Paradise.” Tia later cried discussing her heartbreak over Arie dumping her after the hometown dates. She acknowledged she was “in love” with him, and expressed her frustration over Arie not giving her an explanation for her elimination. Tia also called it “gut-wrenching” to learn from Harrison that Arie said immediately afterward he wasn’t sure if he made a “mistake” in ousting her.

When Arie finally came out, he called it “surreal” to be in front of all these “ex-girlfriends.” Tia questioned why he sent her home if he had “doubts” about Kendall, to which he said his feelings for Kendall were “further along” than his for her. Arie acknowledged he was “scared off” by Bekah’s age, and she agreed she was “risk,” but wished he had more “faith” in her. Arie also discussed how he struggled with following his heart versus his head, and said there’s “a lot of things” he would do differently.

On that note, Caroline said Arie maintained he was “trying to find a wife,” and told him, “I know what you did and I don’t know how you could do that. I just really don’t understand, but I really hope you found what you’re looking for.” With the season not yet over, he cryptically responded, “I think that’ll play out in the weeks to come.” Caroline said, “You don’t need to answer me, but I needed to say that.” Replied Arie, “I appreciate you saying it.”

Krystal asked to join Arie on the couch, where she called him out for his “cold” goodbye. He said his attitude was “appropriate,” given how she “actually” was towards everyone on the show. He expressed regret over keeping her as long as he did, and as she harped on him spending time with the other girls, he reminded, “This is ‘The Bachelor.'” They argued without ever coming to a middle ground.

On Monday, “The Bachelor” will continue with the Fantasy Suite overnight dates. The upcoming”conclusion” to Arie’s season, said Harrison, is “unlike anything before that’s happened on the show,” with the “most dramatic ending in ‘Bachelor’ history.” Gossip Cop will continue to have coverage.

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