“Bachelor In Paradise” Winner Between Two Couples

Bachelor in paradise winner

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Bachelor in paradise winner


UPDATE: Click here for the full story about Jade and Tanner getting engaged during the “Bachelor In Final” finale.

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The “Bachelor In Paradise” finale is Monday, and Gossip Cop has narrowed down the winner to two couples, based on everything we know from covering the past season. After Sunday’s explosive episode, which included shocking breakups and 12 contestants going home, there are really only two couples who are in contention for getting engaged.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Sunday Ashley I. and Jared did not go off into the sunset together. In fact, they rode off in separate cars. Mikey broke Juelia’s heart, and both returned home as well. At the rose ceremony, both Dan and Mackenzie announced they were leaving. And when Amber, Ashley S., Chelsie and Jacylyn weren’t given roses, they were sent home.

That left five couples: Kirk and Carly, Tanner and Jade, Joshua and Tenley, and new pairs Justin and Cassandra, and Nick and Samantha. But hours after the rose ceremony, Kirk crushed Carly by dumping her. Before leaving paradise, a totally distraught Carly told her former love, “I hate you.”

With four pairs left on Monday’s finale, Gossip Cop is handicapping the result. These are solely our opinions. It seems Samantha and Nick, whose “relationship” is as fresh as an apple pie out of the oven, are not a viable couple. Frankly, Samantha plus anyone is not viable, based on this season of “Bachelor In Paradise.” Clearly, Samantha went out on a date with Nick just to get a rose. They are not getting engaged.

And even though Cassandra said she’s been “looking for a guy like Justin forever,” they’ve only known each other for one single day. It’s hard to imagine they would be ready to get engaged at this point.

That said, it’s possible a number of them could continue dating past the end of the show, but there are only two couples that could conceivably be engaged at the end of the show. Only Joshua and Tenley and Tanner and Jade, who have both been couples since virtually the beginning of “Bachelor In Paradise,” are in the running. Tell Gossip Cop if you agree with our handicapping of the “Bachelor In Paradise” finale, and let us know who would you like to see engaged at the end of the show.


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