‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: 12 Contestants Go Home Amid Shocking Breakups!

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bachelor paradise recap september 6 elimination spoilers

By Michael Lewittes |

bachelor paradise recap september 6 elimination spoilers


“Bachelor In Paradise” episode six had several shocking breakups and 12 contestants going home. Get the full recap here!

Sunday’s episode began with Ashley I. and Jared drinking champagne and heading to the fantasy suite, where she was ready to lose her virginity. But she didn’t.

The first casualty of the two-part finale was Mikey and Juelia. Mikey went up to Juelia on the beach and told her honestly that he came back for her, but felt they were more friends than a romantic couple and that “there’s something off.” He added that he felt they were “forcing it,” but noted that she’s a “special person” and hoped she would find a guy soon. Juelia was so heartbroken, she packed up and immediately left paradise.

Sadness turned to humor when Jaclyn asked Justin out, and he said yes, only to change his mind when the season’s last contestant, Cassandra (from Juan Pablo’s season), arrived in paradise. Cassandra, who Justin described as “absolutely gorgeous,” quickly asked if he would go on a date with her. Justin said, “yes,” but first he had to tell Jaclyn they weren’t going on their agreed upon date. Suffice to say, she did not take it too well.

Since it seemed Jaclyn wasn’t going to use her date card, Nick tried to see if he could get it to ask out Samantha. Sounds reasonable, but Nick screwed Jaclyn over when they were both on “Bachelor Pad 3.” Actually, he left Jaclyn and her friend in the dust and took home $250,000. Jaclyn decided to make Nick pay for it, and had him roll in the sand doing Victoria’s Secret model poses. Eventually, Jaclyn gave him the date card and he asked Samantha out, much to the shock of everyone else.

For their date, Justin and Cassandra went horseback riding. They talked about both being single parents, leading Cassandra to say that even though she had only been in paradise for a day, she had been “looking for a guy like Justin forever.” The two then made out.

Then, it was the time for Jared to finally completely break Ashley I.’s heart. He told her that it just “wasn’t there” for him. Not surprisingly, she cried and cried because, as she told everyone, Jared was the “most perfect guy I have ever met in my entire life.” And with that, Jared hopped into a car and left paradise that night.

That same night, Nick had his date with Samantha at a luxurious resort called Vedanta, where chef Josefina Santacruz came from Mexico City to cook a special, multi-coursed dinner for the two. The two kissed, as Samantha essentially ensured Nick would give her his rose.

Chris Harrison arrived as the cocktail party was about to begin, and said they were going to go straight to the rose ceremony. He noted that it was a “moment of truth” and that “tough decision need to be made.” And so before the ceremony began, Ashley I. announced that she was “leaving on my own” because “my person’s gone.” She then got into the car and cried as she told her sister Lauren about not finding love with Jared.

At the rose ceremony, Kirk gave his rose Carly, while Tanner handed his to Jade. Samantha’s machinations worked because Nick turned his rose over to her, while Joshua once again picked Tenley. And then, even though they knew each other for one day, Justin gave his rose to Cassandra.

It was then time for Dan, who thanked Ashley S. for an “amazing” two weeks. He also told Amber he was “flattered” that she came for him, but that he didn’t feel it. Dan wished “the best” for everyone and announced he was leaving.

Mikey wanted to give his rose to Mackenzie, but she said that while she appreciated their brief time together, she would not accept his rose. And with that she was gone. A startled Mikey then said, “I’m also going to be leaving.”

That meant Amber, Ashley S., Chelsie, and Jaclyn didn’t get roses and were off “Bachelor In Paradise.” So for those counting, 10 people left during Sunday’s episode: Juelia, Jared, Ashley I., Dan, Mackenzie, Mikey, Amber, Ashley S., Chelsie, and Jaclyn.

But that wasn’t all.

With five couples left, Kirk confided to the guys he’s been “going through the motions” with Carly and has had “doubts for a week.” He then took Carly down to the beach, where he admitted that he’s “not there” and didn’t see the relationship working. “I have to go home,” said a devastated Carly, who wanted to throw up. She felt he “tricked” her and ran off.

The other women tried to console Carly, but she was a mess. “I hate him,” Carly told Jade and Tenley, who were also upset and teared up. Kirk kept trying to discuss it more with Carly, but she told him, “I hate you.” The two then drove away in separate cars, while the remaining woman were angered and crying.

The made it a total of 12 people who left paradise. What did you think of episode six?


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