‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Lauren Quits Because She’s A ‘Mistress’ Back Home, Mikey And Clare Have Huge Fight

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bachelor paradise recap august

By Michael Lewittes |

bachelor paradise recap august


“Bachelor In Paradise” episode number two began with Lauren quitting the show because she has a man back home while Joe Bailey (Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season) and Joshua Albers (Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season) joined the series. But the real drama was Mikey and Clare’s fight. Get the full recap here!

Lauren told the guys at the top of the show that she was a “mistress” to a guy with a girlfriend, and the only reason she came to paradise was to meet Joshua. But after he was given a date card and asked out Tenley, Lauren decided there was no reason to stay anymore and left the show.

Lauren wasn’t the only one upset about Joshua asking out Tenley. JJ, who had given Tenley a rose during the first episode of “Bachelor In Paradise” and had issues with Joshua from their season together on “The Bachelorette” with Bristowe, was also upset.

On Joshua’s date with Tenley, they drank and danced. And while Tenley was happy to find a connection with Joshua, while she wasn’t around, he told everyone the next day about how he likes doing hard drugs, and even told about a night in Vegas, where are did so much Molly he didn’t know where his wallet was or remember anything form the night before. Mikey later told Tenley to steer clear. She was appreciative that he clued her in to Joshua’s drug use, but was still hurt because she wanted to find love.

Joe’s entrance on the show was super awkward. He didn’t click with anyone and, in fact, seemed oddly distant, ticking off virtually everyone. But he ended up asking out Juelia, which bothered Jonathan, who gave her a rose the week before. Joe and Juelia went horseback riding to some waterfalls, where they drank wine, talked about her two-year-old daughter, and kissed. Back at the resort, though, everyone was concerned that while Juelia was legitimately looking for love and someone to be a stepdad to her child, Joe was just looking for a rose.

The most drama, though, was when Jared had a date card, and asked out Clare. That set off lots of fireworks. Ashley I. burst into tears because she’s in love with him (and a constant crier). It also ticked off Mikey, who’s been delusional about Clare, who doesn’t have the same feelings for him that he does for her. That resulted in an explosive fight that ended Sunday’s show.

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