‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Joe Gets Shockingly Sent Home By Samantha

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bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier

By Michael Lewittes |

bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier


“Bachelor In Paradise” episode five had a contestant too drunk to find a date, a few broken hearts, and a shocking elimination. Get the full recap here!

Sunday’s episode began with Joe and Samantha seemingly reconciling their drama. In fact, she even told Justin, who asked her out on a date, that she would rather be with Joe. But with Samantha, of course, things can change very quickly.

That left Justin to find a date, and so he asked Amber, who still had a thing for Dan. Regardless, she went on a date with Justin and took a dance class with him by the beach. They then kissed and frolicked in the water. She later tearfully wondered to the camera whether kissing Justin was a mistake when she had feelings for Dan. When she returned, Amber told Dan she kept thinking about him, even though she was with Justin. Dan explained to Amber he wasn’t into her, and that one “can’t force” feelings. Suffice to say, Amber was hurt.

Then, Chris Bukowski, who appeared on “The Bachelorette” twice, “Bachelor Pad,” and “Bachelor In Paradise 1,” arrived for his fifth go-around. But rather than trying to figure out who to ask out on a date, he instead got really, really drunk. The day passed, then most of the night passed, and still he didn’t ask anyone out because he was too busy drinking. Finally, late at night he asked Tenley, but she explained that she’s with Joshua. With no prospects, Chris gave his date card to Joshua, and left the show.

Using Chris’ card, Joshua and Tenley went to Guadalajara, where they went on a fun food tasting afternoon with a local celebrity chef. After lunch at the chef’s restaurant, they took a romantic horse carriage ride around town.

Before the rose ceremony, Dan revealed he was interested in, brace yourselves, Samantha. He admitted he’s attracted to her, and said, “The only thing holding her back is Joe,” who he also referred to as “Joe Dirt.” At one point, Dan got Samantha to join him on the beach, where he warned her about ending up with “the bad guy.”

Joe interrupted Samantha and Dan to take her aside and kiss her. She then returned to Dan, and he continued to trash Joe right up until the rose ceremony.

Meanwhile, there was drama surrounding Jared. Ashley I. wrote him a long love letter. But Amber also confessed that she had feelings for Jared, which, of course, upset Ashley I.

It was then time for the rose ceremony. Carly naturally chose Kirk, while Jade gave her rose to Tanner. Not surprisingly, Tenley picked Joshua, and Juelia handed her rose to Mikey. Ashley S. had a harder time picking, though she still chose Nick. Ashley I. persevered and handed her rose to Jared. A dejected Amber then gave hers to Justin, but mostly out of friendship.

The final rose was in Samantha’s hands. She had to choose between Joe and Dan. She began by saying, “This has been the biggest roller coaster ride of my life,” and that all the drama “sucks.” Samantha then blurted, “Dan, I would like to give this rose to you.” Pretty much everyone, but most especially Joe, was shocked.

Joe then confronted Samantha, and said, “You gave totally led me on the whole time.” The two then fought over who put the other through more “drama.” While they argued, the remaining contestants all agreed Samantha’s a “preying mantis,” a “puppeteer,” and a “master manipulator.”

Interestingly, Samantha told the camera, “I’m kinda the victim in this situation,” and even tried to convince the remaining contestants, “I can’t fake this,” but as Joe was being driven away, he showed the camera Samantha’s text messages that included her telling him, “Do whatever it takes” to stay on the show, so they could be together.

At the end of the show, Chelsea (from Chris Soules’ season) entered paradise. What did you think of Sunday’s episode?


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