‘Bachelor In Paradise’ RECAP: Samantha Emerges As Villain, Juelia And Mikey Spend Night In Fantasy Suite

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bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier

By Michael Lewittes |

bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Monday had more drama between Joe and new villain Samantha, while Juelia and Mikey spent an overnight in a fantasy suite. Get the full recap here.

Monday’s episode began with Ashley I. and Joe commiserating after the both got dumped by Jared and Samantha, respectively. Although Joe seemed less depressed and more concerned with how he was going to be saved with a rose.

Joe was still so spitting mad at Samantha that he threatened to expose her as a fraud. He said he was going to get his phone to show everyone how she texted him to “do whatever it takes to get a rose.” Joe later told the camera that Samantha can have them end in a “happy love story or perish and burn.” Meanwhile, it became abundantly clear to everyone else in paradise that Samantha was a manipulator and a giant liar.

The first date card of the show was given to Mikey, who naturally chose Juelia. The two took a private jet to Guadalajara, where they thought they were going to have a romantic evening, but instead ended up at a Lucha Libre wrestling match. Afterwards, they both hopped into the ring and joked around. That, of course, was just the aphrodisiac Juelia needed to invite him for an overnight in a fantasy suite. Before the lights went out in their room, they were seen making out.

Also in the episode, Kirk and Carly snuck away to go fishing, which they both love doing. They kissed as the sun went down, and then Carly told the camera that she couldn’t believe she may have found her husband.

Come the next day, Joe tried to win Samantha back, but it went terribly wrong because she kept ignoring him. Ultimately, Joe said he felt like a “fool.” But things went from bad to worse when his pal Justin (from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season) arrived and wanted to ask Samantha out on a date. But before that, Joe and Samantha got into yet another blow up. What did you think of Monday’s episode?


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