‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: JJ Leaves For Ex-Girlfriend, Eliminated Juelia And Mikey Return

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bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier

By Michael Lewittes |

bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier


“Bachelor In Paradise” episode four had JJ leaving the show to try to get back with his ex-girlfriend, and Juelia being eliminated at the rose ceremony, only to be allowed to return and get a second chance with Mikey, who had previously been sent home. There was also lots and lots of drama between schemers Joe and Samantha. Get the full recap here!

After everyone rightfully piled on Joe and Samantha for all their plotting, Juelia said to the camera that she didn’t want a “sympathy rose” from JJ, who was ticked off about how Joe treated her. Juelia then spoke to Chris Harrison and told him that she had a “strong connection” with Mikey, and that she realized too late that he was “really going to bat for me” and was “genuine.” She said to Harrison, “I wish I had given him a rose,” and even asked, “Any way to try to get Mikey back here [to] see if there’s some kind of connection?”

At the rose ceremony, Joe naturally gave his rose to his co-conspirator Samantha, Joshua not surprisingly picked Tenley, and Jared made Ashley I.’s life by choosing her. Kirk obviously gave a rose to Carly, and Dan gave his to Amber, but the drama began when it was time for JJ to hand out his rose. He couldn’t decide between Megan and Juelia, who he felt was screwed over by Joe. In the end, though, he shockingly chose Ashley S., which surprised everyone, including Ashley S.

JJ said that he felt “great about saving Ashley because she deserves to find love, but not with me.” He then explained that he broke up with a woman to be on “Bachelor in Paradise” and realized, “What I left is what I actually want,” and so he announced, “I’m leaving.” JJ then pontificated about having “walked away for what I believed in,” and that he’s “selfless” and “courageous.” He added that he was going to “beg and plea and grovel [for his ex-gifriend] to take me back.”

That meant Megan, Juelia, and Clare were going home, but as Juelia went to her car, there was Mikey, who said he was allowed to return to “see if we can give this another chance.” Harrison then came back with Juelia and Mikey and explained to everyone that the show felt she was “deceived” and deserved to be in paradise.

Next, Jade and Tanner went to Tequila, Mexico, where they learned about the agave plant and how the booze is made. They two later went to a hotel, where they talked about how they both were “scared” but falling in love with each other.

Nick P. (from Ashley Hebert’s season) joined the show and thought he was going to ask out Samantha because, guess what, she was also in contact with him before “Bachelor In Paradise” began. But when he actually asked her out, she said no because of Joe. Instead, Nick took Ashley S. out on a date to a resort, where they got massages and drunk. Of course, that led to the requisite makeout in a pool.

A couple of relationships also unraveled. Jared told Ashley I. that it was over because he still thinks about Kaitlyn Bristowe. In tears, Ashley I. called Bristowe and asked, “What the f**k did you do to Jared?” Meanwhile, Samantha dumped the show’s main villain Joe on his birthday of all days because she wants to have “fun”, “talk to everyone,” and “date.” What did you think of week four’s episode?


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