‘Bachelor In Paradise’ RECAP: Joe And Samantha Caught In More Lies, Dan Dumps Ashley S. For Amber

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bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier

By Michael Lewittes |

bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Monday had Joe and Samantha proving they’re lying weasels, and Dan splitting with Ashley S. right before hooking up with Amber. Oh, the drama! Get the full recap here.

The episode began with Juelia telling Samantha how Joe used her, but Samantha didn’t want to hear it. Instead, she told Joe what Juelia said, and of course neither of them cared.

Both Tanner and Jared also confronted Joe and Samantha about claiming that they hadn’t been in contact before the show started. Not only did the two lie to Jared and Tanner, but they then tried to shoo away the cameras so they could come up with a story about having never been in contact beforehand. Unfortunately for them, even though they thought they were alone, they were caught on camera coming up with more lies.

We also find out that Ashley S. and Dan had split up. What made it worse, besides the fact that Ashley’s “all kinds of crazy,” according to Kirk, was that her friend Amber (from Chris Soules’ season) joined the show, and asked out Dan. Oh, the the drama!

For their date, Dan and Amber had a romantic night in Puerto Vallarta, where they held hands and kissed on the street before a quiet dinner. They then kissed on the street after dinner.

And Ashley S.? Well, she kissed a live, crawling crab while hanging out at the hotel with the other contestants.

Later, JJ, Tanner and Jared met up with Joe, and told him how uncool it was that he misled a widow and a mom for a rose when he planned on being with Samantha the whole time. JJ is so incensed he wants to knock Joe’s teeth out at the end of the episode.


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