‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Joe Busted For Using Juelia To Hook Up With Samantha

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bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier

By Michael Lewittes |

bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier


“Bachelor In Paradise” episode three began with the rose ceremony from last week in which Clare had a meltdown, but the real drama came courtesy of Joe, who not surprisingly was just using Juelia for a rose, so he could later hook up with newcomer Samantha.

After talking with Chris Harrison away from the other contestants, to be in paradise, she exclaimed, “Aloha, Mexico!” JJ later got the honor of going out with Megan.

Clare calmed down and returned to the rose ceremony, where Ashley I. naturally gave her rose to Jared. Clare then gave hers to JJ, and finally Juelia (foolishly) gave a rose to Joe. That meant, Mikey, Jonathan, and Michael were sent home.

Once the other guys were eliminated, Joe, clearly this season’s villain, said, “Rose before bros,” and basically bragged how he duped Juelia into giving him a rose. He even admitted he was interested in Samantha from Chris Soules’ season.

Of course, the next person to join the show was none other than Samantha. Joe apparently told some of the guys that he had been in contact with Samantha before “Bachelor In Paradise” began, but lied to Jared when he asked if that was true.

Samantha had the first date card of the episode, and she and Joe quickly paired off, even holding hands in front of Juelia, who was crestfallen. On their date, they went to a hotel, where they did a photoshoot for People. The theme of the shoot was “Hot Bodies.” Not only were they all over each other during the shoot in a shower, but they also made out later in a Jacuzzi.

When they returned from their date, Samantha was holding flowers and Joe was boasting about how good a time they had together in front of Juelia, who was really hurt. Jared got in Joe’s face about how disrespectful he was to Juelia, and said the least he could do was talk to her. Eventually, Joe manned up and asked if he and Juelia could chat, but he was nothing but distant and rude to her.

Carly also got a date card during Sunday’s episode. She took her man Kirk out, and they went to a fancy hotel, where they talked about whether they have a future or not. Oh, and Carly missed her brother’s wedding in Ireland for her date with Kirk. While he had some reservations about committing so early, he ultimately overcame them. They kissed in front of fireworks, and even spent a night away from the other contestants in a hotel. Carly managed in between to call her brother and congratulate him on his wedding.

Also, Megan from Chris Soules’ season joined the show. Among the highlights were that she got lost on the way to the hotel and in town asked someone what the difference was between “Old Mexico” and “New Mexico.” When she finally arrived, she told Harrison she got him a “sobrero,” which he explained is actually called a sombrero. Excited to be in paradise, Megan exclaimed, “Aloha, Mexico!”

Joe and Samantha then snuck off to a Jacuzzi, where they fooled around in plain sight of Juelia, the widow with a daughter who fell for him. The one silver lining, however, was that everyone realized what a jerk he was, with Dan even threatening to beat him up. When confronted, Joe admitted that he and Samantha had been in touch for a month before coming on the show.

Dan eventually got Joe to talk to Juelia, who got in his grill about “being played” by him. He continued to be unresponsive and evasive. Juelia, however, told him that she needed to tell her friend Samantha all about him so that she also doesn’t get “hurt” by Joe.

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