‘Bachelor In Paradise’ RECAP: Clare Has Meltdown That Ends Rose Ceremony

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bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier

By Michael Lewittes |

bachelor paradise recap august 10 elimination spolier


“Bachelor In Paradise ” on Monday had Jared taking Clare on a date after her huge fight with Mikey, Michael Garofola (from Desiree Heartsock season) joining the show and going on a date with Tenley, and the rose ceremony being halted after Clare had a meltdown.

During the episode’s first date, Jared and Clare went sailing before bungee jumping off a bridge and kissing. When she came back, Clare told the other women how great a time she had with Jared as Ashley I. cried and cried.

No sooner had Michael joined the season than he pulled Tenley aside to ask if she would go on a date with him. For those keeping track, that’s now Joshua, JJ, and Michael who expressed interest in Tenley. For Tenley’s date with Michael, they went to a resort, where they had a romantic date, punctuated by lots of kissing and dancing to giant Mariachi band that serenaded them.

At the cocktail party, everyone tried their best to convince Juelia that Joe was only interested in a rose and not her. Among those who pulled Juelia aside to tell her that Joe wasn’t right for her were Jonathan and Mikey. Julia, however, remained unswayed. At different times, both Jonathan and Mikey later confronted Joe, who somehow or another managed to persuade them that his intentions were honorable and that they were the bad guys for even questioning him.

Clare, who was on Juan Pablo’s season as well as the first season of “Bachelor In Paradise,” then had an outburst at the cocktail party about how unlike the others, she was genuinely there to find love. Clare cried and continued to lash out at others, prompting Jade to call her out.

When it came to the rose ceremony, Carly naturally gave her rose to Kirk. Ashley S. not surprisingly gave her rose to Dan. Jade, of course, gave Tanner a rose. Tenley, who had dates with Michael and Joshua, gave her rose to the latter. Clare was about to give out her rose, but called Chris Harrison over and the episode ended mid-rose ceremony. What did you think of this week’s “Bachelor In Paradise”?


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