‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Twins Emily, Haley Tell Everyone “F**k You” Before Quitting

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Bachelor In Paradise September 5 2017 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise September 5 2017 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Tuesday had the twins, Emily and Haley, joining the show and then quitting before the end of their first day. The episode also had a new female arrival, who was willing to ask a man or a woman. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

Following Monday’s rose ceremony in which Kristina and Ben quit “Bachelor In Paradise,” Jaimi King (from Nick Viall’s season) arrived and she was ready to go on a date with either a bachelor or bachelorette. She ultimately chose Diggy, which bothered Dominique. Over lunch in town, Diggy and Jaimi discussed her bisexuality and then made-out.

Next the twins, Haley and Emily Ferguson (from Ben Higgins’s season and “Bachelor In Paradise 3”), descended on paradise, but it quickly became a hell for the sisters. Haley expressed an interest in Derek, but after she found out he was in love with Taylor, she focused on Jack. Surprisingly, he very readily accepted. Christen, however, was ticked off at the determined twin.

Meanwhile, Emily set her sights on Dean. And while he previously had no problem juggling different women, Dean nixed her request. Undeterred, Emily asked Danielle L. if it would be okay to go on a date with Dean. Danielle L. said she was going to let her man make the decision, and when Emily asked Dean for a second time for a date, he still said no. With few options left, Emily settled for a date with Tickle Monster.

Right as Emily and Haley were supposed to head out on their double date with their men, Jack had a change of heart and told Emily he’d rather spend his remaining time with Christen. Emily angrily then called Jack a “serial killer.” Having had enough of all the rejection, Haley and Emily quit the show, but not before giving the cast the finger and telling them, “F**k you!”

With the couples fairly established, Chris Harrison paid the cast members a visit the next morning to inform them that it was their “last day in Paradise,” and that they needed to decide whether they wanted to go home alone or with someone, or spend an overnight in a fantasy suite.

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