‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: 4 Couples Remain – Who Went Home Before Finale?

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Bachelor In Paradise september

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise september


Bachelor In Paradise” on Monday had eight bachelors and bachelorettes going home, leaving four couples remaining. Get the full recap and spoilers below!

The episode began with the arrival of Tiara Soleim (from Ben Higgins’s season), but since everyone else was already in a relationship, she gave her date card to Nick and Jen. The couple went to a carnival in town, where they played games and had their cards read. Jen and Nick then talked and admitted that they were falling for each other, though he noted that they more serious they became, the more nervous he got.

Meanwhile, Brett felt he had a better time with Lauren rather than Izzy,and so he had a very uncomfortable talk with the latter after which she decided to leave and try to get back together with Vinny. Izzy told the others she felt “stupid” and “like an absolute idiot… I fully regret my decision to say goodbye to Vinny.” On the car ride out of paradise, Izzy even called Vinny to tell him, “I made a huge, huge mistake,” but Vinny told her that after she fell for “some guy with a lamp… all my feelings went out the window,” adding, “There’s no coming back from what happened. Bye.”

Right before the cocktail party, Ashley, Jami and Shoshanna were all vying for Wells’ rose. They each had gone out with him and kissed the radio deejay. But before he had to pick one of the ladies, Shushanna decided to leave because, as she told Wells, “I don’t fight for guys. I don’t fight for love.” Carly, however, felt Shushanna split because she didn’t want to get rejected by Wells, who clearly had a better connection with the other two women.

At the rose ceremony, Josh chose Amanda, Nick gave his rose to Jen, Grant handed his to Lace, and Evan picked Carly. But when it was Brett’s time, he said that looking around at all the other “solid couples,” he realized he didn’t feel right giving out a rose, and with that he left paradise. When it came to the final rose, Wells settled on Ashley. That meant, Brett, Izzy, and Shushanna left on their own accord, while Jami, Lauren and Tiara were sent home.

Afterwards, Chris Harrison told the remaining five couples, “It’s time to put these relationships to the test.” He then warned them to spend an hour thinking whether they felt capable of moving their relationships out of paradise and into the real world. And if they could, Harrison said they would be going into the “Fantasy Suite.”

But before the remaining happy couples went on their overnight dates, even though Wells gave his rose to Ashley, he decided to end it with her because he didn’t think they were ready for the next step. “I can’t say something that isn’t,” he told her. Not surprisingly, Ashley left in tears.

Before the overnight dates in the “Fantasy Suite,” the last four couples went on day dates. To solidify their relationship, Grant and Lace got tattooed with the word “Grace,” which is a combination of their names. While Grant had no second thoughts, Lace was unsure. But after she got inked, Lace was happy with her tattoo.

For their date, Nick and Jen went paddle boarding. Carly and Evan had a bizarre body painting date that had them covering each other in paint. And Josh played soccer with some kids in town. He wanted to show Amanda, a mother of two, that he loves kids. After the day dates, they each headed to their fantasy suites. Carly and Evan, Grant and Lace, and Josh and Amanda each said, “I love you” to one another.


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