‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Kristina And Ben Quit, Two More Eliminated

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Bachelor In Paradise September 4 2017 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise September 4 2017 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Monday had two cast members quitting the show, as well as two men arriving at the Mexican resort, only to be sent home shortly afterwards. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

The episode picked up from last week after Kristina witnessed Dean making out with Danielle L. in the pool. The love triangle’s point man approached Kristina the next morning, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Dean tried, once again, to ask Kristina to be “patient,” but in tears she told him she was finally “done” with him for “locking lips” in front of her and “pushing me away.”

Next, Blake Elarbee (from Rachel Lindsay’s season) arrived with a date card. None of the remaining women, except for Christen, expressed any willingness in going out with him. It seemed Christen, who created her own love triangle with Jonathan (“Tickle Monster”) and Jack, tried to extricate herself from her own mess. Hot on the heels of Blake’s arrival in paradise, Fred Johnson (also from Rachel Lindsay’s season) also showed up. He asked out Dominique, who happily accepted even though she and Diggy seemed to have, well, digged each other.

Blake and Christen and Fred and Dominique then went on a double date that included speedboating. On the boat, as it quickly spun around and bounced up and down, Christen felt nauseated. Also, her mascara completely ran and left her with “raccoon eyes.” Suffice to say, she didn’t enjoy that or the zip-lining they all did afterwards. Dominique, on the other hand, had a blast on the date.

Meanwhile, Robby had worn Amanda down. After hanging out with her in the pool, Robby took Amanda on a date in town, where he confessed over dinner that he was falling for her. The two then kissed as fireworks exploded above them.

Ben realized before the rose ceremony even took place that there was no one in paradise for him, and so he decided to quit. He knew the only unconditional love for him was at home in the form of his dog Zeus. Also before handing out the roses, Dean told Kristina he can no longer go back and forth between her and Danielle L. and was going to pursue the latter.

An upset Kristina then asked Raven for her advice. Raven told the jilted bachelorette that she couldn’t blame Danielle L. for Dean’s feelings and felt Kristina couldn’t handle the truth. Even Wells the bartender told Kristina, “Why are you fighting for someone who’s not fighting for you?”

At the rose ceremony, Taylor naturally gave hers to Derek. Raven handed her rose to Adam, while Lacey chose Daniel. Then Robby accepted a rose from Amanda, and Diggy was happy to receive one from Dominique. Tickle Monster took a rose from Jasmine and Christen decided on Jack.

Kristina then slammed Dean without mentioning him by name, saying she wasn’t valued or respected in paradise. She then quit the show. Dean walked her out and gave her a hug and said he was “sorry” before returning to the ceremony, where Danielle L. gave him her rose. In the end, Fred and Blake entered paradise for just a day before being eliminated.

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