‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale Recap: Taylor And Derek Engaged, Corinne And DeMario Reunite

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Bachelor In Paradise finale September 11 2017 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise finale September 11 2017 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” had its finale on Monday during which Corinne and DeMario were reunited, a number of couples explained why they split, and Derek and Taylor got engaged. Mostly, a lot of the men including Dean, Robert and Daniel came off looking really bad. Get the full finale recap and spoilers below.

The show began in paradise with host Chris Harrison explaining it was their last day there and that everyone needed to decide whether they wanted to pursue an overnight, fantasy suite date or if they felt they should go home individually or as couple. Jack then approached Christen and suggested they “leave as a couple holding hands,” but she was confused and told him they were just “acquaintances.” Ouch! Next, Jonathan (“Tickle Monster”) told Jasmine that they should “part ways here, leave it at the friend level,” and she agreed.

Dean, whose two-timing resulted in Kristina quitting the show, took Danielle L. aside and said he realized, “I care a lot about her… I love her.” He then told Danielle L. he was “sorry.” After a depressed Danielle L. walked away, a tearful Dean confessed to the camera, “I hate myself right now” and said he wished he could tell Kristina how he felt.

On the other side of the spectrum were Adam and Raven. Adam told Raven he wanted to see where things go, and from her standpoint, the bachelorette noted she was “not ready to say goodbye to Adam yet.” And so they both agreed to an overnight, fantasy suite date.

After that, Diggy asked Dominique if they could “chat.” He admitted to her that after some thinking, he felt “we should leave separately.” Right afterwards, Diggy told Jaimi that he wanted to go as a couple, but her head was elsewhere and expressed that they should “leave as friends.” Ouch!

Robby got dinged next. Following him pouring his heart out to Amanda about giving it a shot, she responded, “I don’t see this working in real-life.” Robby was nothing short of crestfallen. To make it worse, in a way, Amanda told the camera incredulously, “Like he really thought we would leave here together”?

In addition to Adam and Raven deciding to stay in paradise and have an overnight, Lacy and Daniel and, of course, Derek and Taylor also chose to use the fantasy suite. Before spending the night, Lacey told Daniel she was “falling” for him, and he claimed her was “falling” for her, too. And Taylor and Derek also said they were looking forward to “experienc[ing] each other in a different way,” meaning they were excited to have sex. Both Raven and Adam voiced their trepidation before the fantasy suite, but decided to shack up, too

The rest of the finale took place in the studio, where Harrison was joined by Diggy, Jasmine, Jaimi, Emily and Haley, Alexis, Jack Stone, Danielle L., Christen, Dean, Danielle M. and Kristina. Right away, the host had Corinne come out. She said she was “much happier,” and had “no hard feelings” towards DeMario. Then DeMario joined her on the stage for their first face-to-face since the scandal and said he was “happy to put this past us.” They both talked about being in therapy to help them get back to “normal,” and they wished each other the best.

After that lovefest, it got a little uglier when Dean sat in the hot seat. Dean repeatedly apologized for his bad behavior and stressed there was “no malice” intended. After Dean claimed that he still has “very strong emotions” for Kristina, she told him that she hoped he never treat another women the way he did her. But it got messier when Danielle L. revealed that after he told her that he love Kristina, he called her an hour later and they hooked up.

“Are you still flipping flopping us” asked Kristina, who added, “Enough is enough.” Dean ended his time on the hot seat by apologizing, “I want you both to know that I am sorry for my actions in paradise… Neither of you deserved that… I’m sorry.”

After that disaster came Robby and Amanda. While on the stage by herself, Amanda said they dated after “Paradise,” but noted they’re no longer together. She told Harrison, “He’s not ready for a relationship.” But as soon as he got into the hot seat, Haley and Emily blasted Robby for cheating on Amanda with a woman in Colorado. Robby claimed pictures of him with the other woman were innocent, but it appeared few people were buying it.

Next, Lacey and Daniel were called up. Lacey, well, laced into Daniel for pretending that he was into her while they were in paradise and the cameras rolled. She told Harrison and the studio audience that once the fantasy date was over, he basically informed her that he was playing along for TV. Daniel tried to explain, but he ended up looking much worse.

Following that train wreck were Adam and Raven. They talked about how they’ve been spending time together and traveling. They each said they were “in love” with one another. “Everyone needs an Adam,” gushed Raven. When asked what was next, Raven said she was going to meet Adam’s family the following weekend. Then, as a surprise, Raven’s folks come out from backstage and met Adam for the first time.

The “Bachelor In Paradise” finale ended with Derek and Taylor in the hot seat. Derek used the opportunity to gush about how in love he was with Taylor. And she too talked about her love for him. He then stood up before getting down on one knee and proposing. Taylor, of course, said “yes.”

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