‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Evan And Carly Split As Two Men Arrive

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Bachelor In Paradise august 9 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise august 9 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Tuesday had two new bachelors arriving in paradise, and Evan and Carly splitting up. Get the full recap and some spoilers below.

The show began with Christian Bishop (from JoJo Fletcher’s season) coming to paradise, and while Daniel thought Sarah “probably won’t choose him,” she felt the new guy was “really handsome,” and “has the energy you want to be around.” And so when Christian asked her out, Sarah said that she “would love to go on a date” with him. That saddened Daniel.

Things got even sadder when Carly finally confronted Evan. After telling the women that her date with him the night before was a “nightmare,” Carly confessed to Evan, “I would like to be your friend… I’m not interested in dating you.” Evan admitted that it “hurt for sure,” and skulked away alone. Later, Evan was filmed sobbing in his room.

On Christian and Sarah’s date, the two zip-lined and rappelled down the rock wall of a waterfall. Naturally, they kissed under the water. Sarah later told the camera she felt that she and Christian could have a “relationship.”

But Daniel didn’t give up on Sarah. He set up his own date with her at night on an outdoor bed that he has specially decorated. They two talked, drank champagne, and ate chocolate-covered strawberries. Daniel told her that while she was on her date with Christian, it made him realize how he wanted “more time” with her because she was”hands-down the best girl here.” And for her part, Sarah admitted that while she was on her date with Christian, she thought she kept thinking she would have had “more fun” with Daniel.

There was another arrival in paradise, Brandon Andresen (from Desiree Hartsock’s season), but no one recognized him, including Chris Harrison. Still, the women were attracted to him. And while Carly was interested in Brandon, who she called “definitely hot,” he asked out Haley, one of the twins.

During their dinner, Haley excused herself to go to the bathroom, where she switched clothes with her sister Emily. The two pulled the prank on Brandon because moments earlier he assured Haley he could “tell the difference” between the twins. But when he later took a walk with “Haley,” he had no idea he was actually with Emily.

Meanwhile, Josh and Amanda were all over each in paradise. And while that upset Nick, who felt it was “best that I move on from that,” Evan tried to swoop in on Amanda with a fake date card at the end of the episode.


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