‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Nick And Josh Fight Over Amanda, Two Sent Home

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Bachelor In Paradise august 8 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise august 8 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Monday had the bachelor and bachelorettes celebrating Chad being sent home, longtime rivals Nick Viall and Josh Murray fighting over Amanda, and two women being sent home. Get the full recap and some spoilers below.

After the remaining former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants discussed why they were happy about Chad being booted, Leah Block (from Ben Higgins’ season) arrived in paradise and was shockingly “disappointed” he was not around for her to ask out on a date. She said that she wanted to “start this thing off” with Chad. Instead, Leah went out with Nick, which upset Amanda. She told the other women it “sucked” and she was “bummed.”

For their daytime date, Leah and Nick went into the town of Sayulita, where they drank and drank some. As the sun set, they ended up a beach, where they made out. Leah even noted she hoped Nick would give her a rose.

Interestingly, Nick then received a date card and rather than taking Leah out again, he chose Amanda. This time around, Leah was ticked off. Over drinks, they talked about what they were each looking for in a partner. Next, Amanda and Nick sat by a fire on the beach and made out.

Before the first rose ceremony, some of the contestants began to pair off. Lace and Grant made out by the water, and then head to his room, where she put a blanket over the camera. She could then be heard moaning.

After talking for a bit, Evan kissed Carly goodnight. He later described their mini-makeout session as “explosions” and “butterflies.” Carly, however, called their kissing “uncomfortable” and “very bad.”

Right before the rose ceremony, Sarah pulled Vinny aside and they kissed. Izzy then interrupted and asked if they could talk, which led to them also kissing. Not sensing she was secure, Sarah also worked her magic with Daniel, who had Leah throwing herself at him as well. Leah pursued Daniel at the last minute because Nick told her he was “leaning” towards giving Amanda his rose.

At the first “Bachelor In Paradise” season 3 rose ceremony, Grant first gave a rose to Lace, Nick next chose Amanda, Evan handed his to Carly, Jared gave a rose to the twin Emily, Vinny then picked Izzy, and for the last rose, Daniel gave his to Sarah. As a result, Jubilee and Leah were sent home.

The next morning, Josh (Andi Dorfman’s former fiance) arrived with a date card in hand. He asked out Amanda, which annoyed Nick, with whom he’s feuded for years. Nick, of course, was the runner-up when Dorfman became engaged to Josh.

On their date, Josh and Amanda had drinks on a boat and talked about him and Dorfman, with him promising to tell her the “non-fiction” version of what really happened. They later kissed on the boat. While talking to the camera afterwards, Josh acknowledged he particularly didn’t care that Nick liked Amanda.

Next, Evan received a date card and naturally asked out Carly, though she was not excited at all. On their date, they were tasked with setting the record for the “Longest Hottest Kiss,” which entailed each of them eating a habanero pepper for 30 second and then kissing for at least 90 second. They broke the record by kissing for 1:41, after which Carly threw up, which she said was “not just from the pepper.. [but] from the kiss.”

At the end of the show, Nick had a talk with Josh about Amanda, with whom he who said he had a connection. Not surprisingly, Josh was obnoxious about it. He even made a point of kissing Amanda in front of Nick, who was definitely hurt by it at the end of the episode.


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