‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Caila, Jared Quit Show

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Bachelor In Paradise august 30 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise august 30 recap


Bachelor In Paradise” on Tuesday had Caila and Jared leaving, two women joining the show, Wells caught between three women, and Josh and Amanda solidifying their relationship. Get the full recap and spoilers below!

The episode began with the confrontation from Monday’s show between Caila and Ashley during which the former asked, “Do you want me to go home?” As Gossip Cop noted, Caila told Jared that the other bachelorette’s presence made her “want to go home,” and so she decided to leave. When Jared confronted Ashley, she claimed she never told Caila to go, and that Jared’s woman said, “She doesn’t like you.” Not surprisingly, Jared was upset and told everyone he leaving as well.

Jared then chased after Caila’s car and hopped inside. He told her he had no reason to stay without her. The two then said, “Goodbye paradise” and kissed as they drove away.

Ashley broke down in tears when Jared left. Things got worse for Ashley when Wells returned from his date with Jami holding hands. And while she was inwardly bummed, when Ashley and Wells later spoke, he was surprised by how seemingly fine she acted.

The next day, two more women then entered paradise, Lauren Himle and Shushanna Mkrtychyan (both from Ben Higgins’ season). They went on a double date with Wells and Brett, which further annoyed Ashley as well as Izzy. Lauren paired off with Brett, while Shoshanna chose Wells for their day of surfing. The date with Shoshanna was Wells’ third in as many days. Both Brett and Wells made out with their new women.

After Josh’s previous confrontation with the rest of the cast, and assurance from Amanda that she’s got his back, the two received a date card, which enabled them to get away from the rest of the bachelors and bachelorettes. Amanda even told the camera she could see herself getting engaged to Josh. The show ended on Tuesday with them on their date, and Josh telling Amanda, “I’m falling in love with you.” And Amanda said in voice-over, “I do love Josh,” as fireworks went off over them.


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