‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Two Women Sent Home, Corinne Talks DeMario Scandal

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Bachelor In Paradise August 29 2017 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise August 29 2017 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Tuesday had two women being sent, Jasmine confronting Matt about leaving the show, and Corinne discussing the DeMario scandal. Also, two love triangles got even more complicated in paradise. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

The episode began with the rose ceremony right after Matt seemingly quit the show and the arrival of Daniel in paradise. Naturally, the women who were in danger of being eliminated approached Daniel in the hope of getting his rose. Among those who worked it were Jasmine, Christen, and Lacey. He even told the camera that the women seemed “desperate” for his rose.

At the rose ceremony, though, Daniel chose Lacey. Next, Jack picked Christen. That was followed by Matt reappearing and saying he didn’t want his rose to “go to waste.” He then told Jasmine, “I think you should be here,” though he was still leaving. And while she accepted his rose, she did so begrudgingly and wasn’t unhappy to see him go.

Derek picked Taylor since the two had reconciled. Even though it wasn’t entirely romantic from her end, Amanda still took Robby’s rose. Next, Diggy chose Dominique, and Adam, who was in a love triangle, ultimately picked Raven over Sarah. Dean ended up giving his rose to Kristina, although he felt Danielle L. was the more “exciting” option. Still, she wasn’t sent home because Ben shockingly handed his rose to her. In the end, both Sarah and Alexis were booted from paradise.

The next morning, a number of masked wrestlers woke Daniel up to give him a date card. After talking up a number of different women, he asked out Lacey. The two learned Mexican wrestling, known as Lucha Libre, and got dressed up in outrageous outfits before jumping in the ring against another male and female tag-team. Not surprisingly, since wrestling is often faker than reality shows, Daniel and Lacey won.

Jonathan Treece, also known as “Tickle Monster” (from Rachel Lindsay’s season), arrived with date card in hand. He asked out Christen, also known as “Scallop Fingers.” The two went out to dinner, during which he talked about being a family doctor who takes care of people from birth up until old age. Tickle Monster and Christen seemed to hit it off, feeding each other scallops and making out. When she returned, Jack stole her away and they kissed. As Christen noted to the camera, she went from being on the verge of being sent home to being in a love triangle.

Another love triangle got even more uncomfortable as Dean continued to string along Kristina by going back-and-forth with her and Danielle L. Even though he spent a lot of time with Kristina, Dean told her he was still “figuring it out” and asked her to “be patient.” Kristina replied, “I think I need something more.” Later, Dean was spotted making out in the pool with Danielle L. At one point, a tearful Kristina told the camera that Dean’s behavior was “disrespectful” and “the orphanage [she grew up in] was better than paradise.”

Then, back in the studio, cast members Wells, Amanda, Raven, and Alexis discussed some moments from this season. Wells talked about kissing Danielle before she quit “Bachelor In Paradise,” while Amanda said Robby was a good kisser, but she wanted to take things slow. And Raven recounted how during the show’s hiatus, she hung out with Sarah and Adam, who hooked up one night while she slept in a bed nearby.

Following that, Jasmine confronted Matt about quitting “Bachelor In Paradise” for the first time since he left the show. She told Matt that she wished he had acknowledged to her, “We’re not right for each other.” Matt explained that during the shutdown he “started thinking about things longterm,” and realized they weren’t meant for each other. And with that, the face-to-face was over.

Next, Corinne was onstage to talk to Chris Harrison about the scandal with DeMario that shut down production and led to the two of them not returning to paradise. She admitted to Harrison she was “very nervous” to come out and discuss the controversy. When asked how she is, Corinne said, “I’m doing a lot better,” but it was “hard” for her after the incident.

She then admitted that she “over drank” the first day in paradise, and doesn’t remember much us because she blacked out from the booze and a medication she was on. Corinne stressed, “I don’t think [DeMario] did anything wrong.” When further pressed by Harrison about DeMario, she said, “I wish him the best.”

Corinne revealed she wondered afterwards, “How did this happen?” She also said that she has “no idea” it would be a national incident. After watching a clip of a teary DeMario from the week before, Corinne noted, “I know exactly how he feels.”

Much like her comments earlier on Tuesday’s “Good Morning America,” Corinne expressed, “The media wants to paint [you] a certain way that you know you’re just not… It’s so hard that these people have become experts on you and your life and think they were there and know exactly what happened.” Corinne also made a point of also saying, “I really just want people to know that I don’t blame DeMario… I never said a bad word about DeMario.”

Harrison ended the interview by asking her what she would tell DeMario. Corinne said, “I would tell him, ‘I respect you as a human. I have nothing against you.'” Corinne added she would assure DeMario, “I wish you all the best, and I’m sorry.”

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