‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Josh & Nick Fight, Twins Quit Show

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Bachelor In Paradise august 29 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise august 29 recap


Bachelor In Paradise” on Monday had the twins deciding to leave, three men being sent home, and Josh fighting with Nick. Get the full recap and spoilers below!

The episode picked up where it ended last week with Ashley and Caila facing off, and the two deciding not to speak to each other for the remainder of their time in paradise. Ashley and Jared then talked, with him explaining that he wanted to build a relationship with Caila. Jared expressed that she just needed to meet a guy.

A teary-eyed Ashley prayed to her dead dog Lucy’s spirit to be sent a man. Moments later, Wells Adams (from JoJo Fletcher’s season) arrived with a date card. Everyone told Wells he should ask out Ashley, mostly because they were tired of her being miserable.

It worked, because Wells took Ashley on a date, which pleased all the bachelors and bachelorettes. During their dinner in town she naturally discussed Jared and Caila. For the most part though, they focused on each other. They even made out over dinner, and Ashley seemed genuinely happy walking through town with Wells.

Shortly before the rose ceremony, Lace and Grant had a fight because she was flirting with Carl. After he told her he felt it was “disrespectful,” Lace responded, “I didn’t do anything wrong.” The mercurial Lace then said it may be time for her to “fall in love with someone else.” And with that, Grant walked away and Lace broke down. They later spoke and apologized to each other.

At this week’s rose ceremony, Carly handed hers to Evan, Ashley chose Wells, Jen stayed with Nick, Izzy, who broke Vinny’s heart for Brett, gave a rose to her new man, and Caila picked Jared. Amanda gave her rose to Josh, while Lace chose Grant. When it came time for Haley to choose a guy, she instead called up Emily and admitted it was unfair of them to hand out a rose, because they hadn’t found love. “It’s not expected how we paradise to end for us,” said Haley while sobbing. And so, with three roses left on the pedestal, Daniel, Carl, and Ryan were sent home.

But before they split, Haley and Emily pulled Amanda aside to warn her about her new man, Josh. They expressed concern about his intentions and the allegations about him in Andi Dorfman’s book. They also questioned whether he chose Amanda because she’s loved by all, and he was attempting to rehabilitate his reputation through her.

After Amanda told Josh about twins’ fears about him, he then called everyone around and heatedly asked who was “accusing me of being fake.” He went on to call it a “bunch of bulls**t,” adding, “I don’t appreciate it at all… Don’t talk behind my back.” And when Josh asked the other bachelors and bachelorettes, “You don’t think I’m genuine?” Nick answered, “I don’t know.”

Josh shot back, “Just because [Amanda] doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean you have to hurt our relationship.” He further accused his longtime nemesis Nick of “holding a grudge.” Nick, then in a fit of anger, went to pack up his bags.

Amanda spoke privately with Josh, and told him she was “sorry for even questioning” him. She also assured Josh that moving forward she was “stick up for him.” He then said, “I will stay for you [in paradise],” before they kissed.

The next day, Jami Letain (from Ben Higgins’ season) arrived, and asked Wells out on a date, mostly because he was the only person up and around. When Ashley was later told about Wells’ date, she said she was fine and felt confident about their relationship. Meanwhile on his date, Wells and Jami went off-roading during their date and kissed under a waterfall in lagoon.

Rather than focusing on Wells being with Jami, Ashley once again obsessed over Jared and Caila. She even approached Caila, and asked her to not “full on make out” in front of her. But Caila was tired of having to deal with the other bachelorette’s drama, and even asked Ashley, “Do you want me to go home?” Caila said in a confessional she didn’t feel comfortable, and “I just want to go home.” At the end of episode, Caila told Jared she wanted to leave paradise.


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