‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Matt Quits Show After Jasmine, Christen Fight

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Bachelor In Paradise August 28 2017 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise August 28 2017 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Monday had Matt seemingly quitting the show after Jasmine and a new arrival fought over him. Also, Lacey tore into Diggy for dumping her for Dominique, and Dean couldn’t decide whether he was more into Kristina or Danielle L. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

The action on Monday picked up where it left off last week, with the arrival of Christen Whitney (from Nick Viall’s season). It began with her pal Jasmine telling her that Matt was “off-limits,” but he had other thoughts and accepted a date with Christen, who’s a virgin. Of course, being a virgin in paradise is like being a teetotaler at Octoberfest.

When Matt asked Jasmine hypothetically if it was OK for him to go on the date with Christen, she told him, “I’m not worried.” But then Jasmine sought out Christen, who was getting dressed for the date, and sarcastically told her, “Have fun… Hope you fall in love,” before calling her friend “slimy” and a “snake.”

And even though Christen expressed to the other women, “I don’t want to hurt [Jasmine’s] feelings,” she still decided to go out with Matt. While she and Matt were in the town of Suyalita having a good time, Jasmine spent her time in paradise griping to anyone who would listen that Christen’s a “slimy-assed bitch” and “serpent.” Then, after some drinks at a beachside bar in town, Matt and Christen stripped down to their bathing suits and made out in the water.

When Matt and Christen returned to paradise, Jasmine jumped all over him and began kissing him in an attempt to mark her territory. Later that evening, a very determined, ticked off, and possessive Jasmine went to Matt’s bedroom because she thought Christen was there with him. Once she arrived, however, Jasmine saw he was actually alone.

In another love triangle, Kristina and Danielle L. kept vying for Dean. He alternated between flirting with each woman and remaining noncommittal. He basically separately told each bachelorette that he was attracted to her, leaving both women to think they were going to get his rose.

Next, Derek and Taylor, who were the only happy couple in paradise, had a fight. It began with Taylor complaining, “You don’t communicate anything,” adding that it’s a trait that she’s “not looking for in a partner.” He responded by saying, “F**k you.” He claimed afterwards that he was being “sarcastic,” but she replied, “That really hurts me” and walked away. The next morning she told the other women that she was contemplating leaving paradise, rather than accepting a rose from Derek.

The fighting continued when Lacey ripped into Diggy for ditching her for Dominique. “I’m a little upset with you,” she told him, explaining that they weren’t even back at home for an hour before he accepted a date from Dominique. She further related that she was “disappointed” in him. It didn’t seem to faze Diggy, who responded honestly, “I’m pretty much sure I’m giving my rose to Dominique.”

Towards the end of the episode, Derek apologized to Taylor, and said she was also “sorry” for their argument. The two then kissed and made up. Also, noteworthy (or not) was that Robby and Amanda, who appear to be a couple of convenience, finally kissed.

Right before the rose ceremony, Matt spent time with Christen and told her he enjoyed their date but thought he was going to give his rose to Jasmine. But when he was alone with Jasmine, Matt said he felt it was time for him to go home. “I made my peace with it,” he told her as he walked out of paradise.

Shamelessly, both Jasmine and Christen then went after Jack, who appeared to be their only hope for a rose. Christen seemed to have an edge, having made out with him after the two briefly talked. But the women received one more lifeline when Chris Harrison introduced a new arrival, Daniel Maguire from both JoJo Fletcher’s season and “Bachelor In Paradise 3.”

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