‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Vinny And Izzy Split, Ashley And Caila Fight

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Bachelor In Paradise august 23 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise august 23 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Tuesday had Vinny and Izzy breaking up, and him deciding to leave the show. Also, Jade and Tanner returned to help another couple find love, and Caila and Ashley fought over Jared. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

The episode began where it left off on Monday with Vinny “crushed” that as soon as Izzy laid eyes on Brett she began to have doubts about her relationship with him. He told Izzy in near tears that he was “hurt” and “blindsided” because he had feelings for her that he hadn’t “felt in quite some time.” As Izzy cried, Vinny said he couldn’t believe she would throw it all away simply because she found Brett attractive. And with that, he dumped Izzy and immediately left paradise.

As the remaining bachelors and bachelorettes tried to process the first big split, Jade and Tanner, who met on and then married after the last season of “Bachelor In Paradise,” arrived with a date card. After talking to the different couples, they felt the “most deserving” of the date card were Jared and Caila, which naturally upset Ashley. During a romantic dinner, Jared and Caila discussed how Ashley’s presence was “hindering” their chances of growing closer. They then stripped down to their underwear and kissed in a nearby lagoon.

Carly and Evan went on a date inside a teepee-like structure that was filled with steam. Despite the rocky start to their relationship, the two were totally into each other. Carly even told Evan that she’s fallen for him “more and more” with each passing day. The date ended with them sweatily making out.

When Jared returned from his date with Caila, Ashley tried to sandbag his relationship with his new girlfriend. Ashley trashed talked about Caila to Jared. When he told his girlfriend about it, Caila said she had enough and confronted Ashley. The fight got ugly between the two women, as the episode ended.


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