‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Two New Women Cause Shakeup, DeMario Talks Corinne Scandal

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Bachelor In Paradise August 22 2017 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise August 22 2017 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Tuesday had two new women joining the cast and shaking up romances, a bachelorette leaving before the rose ceremony, and DeMario in-studio talking about the Corinne scandal. Also, Carly and Evan talked about having a girl. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

As Gossip Cop reported in Monday’s “Bachelor In Paradise” recap, Alex, Nick, Vinny and Iggy were eliminated, which left open the door for a few female arrivals on Tuesday. And so the episode started with Sarah Vendal (from Nick Viall’s season) entering paradise. What we learn is that during the show’s shutdown, not only did Raven and Adam hang out, but Sarah joined them one night and seemingly hooked up with him. Despite the other women trying to sell Ben on Sarah, she ultimately chose Adam for their date.

For their date, Sarah and Adam headed into town, where they shared dinner and drank margaritas. The extremely straightforward Sarah told him, “I’m very attracted to you.” Moments later, they began to kiss. They continued making out while dancing at a nightclub afterwards.

After Lacey complained to the camera that there wasn’t anyone interested in her, she got a date card and asked out Diggy. He happily accepted the date that had them horseback riding to the “most romantic” beach with Jorge, the former bartender turned tour operator. The two then shared champagne on the beach, where Jorge regaled them with a story about how his parents conceived him there. Eventually, Diggy asked Jorge to give them privacy. Once (semi) alone, they went into the ocean and kissed.

Even though Diggy had just hooked up with Lacey, when Dominique Alexis (from Nick Viall’s season) arrived, he was psyched. Dominique eventually asked him out on what was his second date of the day. Lacey was devastated. While on his date with Dominique, Diggy said, “I feel like a king.” The two then made out while eating fruit and hanging out in the pool.

Danielle, who didn’t feel there were any men for her and had the opportunity to do charity work in Africa, decided to leave paradise before the next rose ceremony. Earlier, she confessed having a crush on Wells, the show’s new bartender. And for his part, Wells told the guys that Danielle was “way out of my league.” When she was leaving paradise, Wells walked her out. After talking for a little bit, the two began to make out, leading Danielle to think maybe there could be a romance when she returns from Kenya.

After that, the show went into the studio, where Derek, Raven, Robby, Jasmine, and Diggy spoke with Chris Harrison about the DeMario and Corinne scandal. They all said they couldn’t believe it at first when they were told production was being shut down. For the most part, they felt the press treated DeMario unfairly and stressed that he did not commit sexual assault.

Next, Carly and Evan came out and talked about how their romance developed during the third season of “Bachelor In Paradise.” They then announced that they’re pregnant. But to add some fun, Harrison had an ultrasound performed onstage, where everyone could see the baby jumping around.

It was then DeMario’s turn onstage. He told Harrison he’s in a much “better place” now than he was a month ago. The former “Bachelor In Paradise” cast member next took Harrison through what happened that fateful night. He explained that he and Corinne “got turnt up.” DeMario continued, “We’re at the bar, we’re hanging out, one thing leads to another and we’re making out.”

He said even though they only knew each other for an hour, things got a “little intense” in the pool. “I didn’t think anything of it,” DeMario noted, adding, “I never once thought that I would be here, today, speaking to you guys, in the middle of a crazy scandal.”

When production was shut down, recalled DeMario, “I cried in my hotel room,” but he didn’t think it was more than him and Corinne being bounced for being troublemakers. He told Harrison he thought it was simply an HR issue and even texted Corinne, joking about how “we broke ‘Paradise.'”

DeMario said he called his parents when he returned home and told them that he got “kicked off,” but had no idea it would be a larger issue. But then the scandal blew up. DeMario maintained he did nothing wrong, and that he’s “not a monster,” as he was portrayed in the media.

DeMario said he was hurt by how people not only jumped to conclusions before all the facts were out, but also embellished the truth, including a bogus tale about how he allegedly picked up a “limp” Corinne and supposedly had sex with her as the cameras rolled. He also expressed that he felt bad for Corinne, who was “slut-shamed.” DeMario finished his interview by telling Harrison that he’s been moving forward and keeping a positive attitude.

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