‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Ashley Returns After Being Sent Home

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Bachelor In Paradise august 22 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise august 22 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Monday had Sarah and Ashley being sent home, but Ashley returning to ask if she could stay. Meanwhile, serious couple Izzy and Vinny began to develop cracks in their relationship. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

The episode picked up where it ended last week, with Jared telling Ashley that he was “not romantically” interested in her, and it was “unfair” of her to return to paradise to pursue him. Of course, Ashley cried and cried. And since most of the people in paradise were already coupled up, there were four women, the twins Emily and Haley, Sarah, and Ashley, who were all vying for one rose from Daniel. To win him over, Sarah baked him a birthday cake, while Haley kissed him.

At the rose ceremony, Grant chose Lace, while Josh not surprisingly gave his to Amanda. Nick handed his rose to new romance Jen, Vinny again chose Izzy, Evan picked Carly, and Jared gave his rose to Caila. Daniel handed the last rose of the night to Haley (and twin Emily), meaning Sarah and Ashley were to be sent home.

Sarah left, but as Ashley was headed in her car out of paradise in tears, she asked her driver to stop and got out of the vehicle. While the remaining bachelor and bachelorettes were toasting each other, Ashley returned and asked the others for a “second chance.” Remarkably, they let Ashley stay after she claimed to have moved on beyond Jared.

The next morning, Carl King (from Andi Dorfman’s season) arrived, and asked out Emily, who thought he was “hot.” Next, Brett Melnick (from Andi Dorfman’s season) came with a date card. Izzy, who was involved with Vinny, was beyond smitten with him. But Brett zeroed in on Caila, who happily said yes to him. Jared, however, was upset that Caila accepted. She then changed her mind a dozen times about whether or not to go on a date with Brett.

And with that, Caila and Brett and Emily and Carl set off on a double date on a booze cruise. Emily and Carl hit it off immediately, and were all over each other on the boat. Carla had a good time dancing with Brett, but realized she made a “mistake” and wanted to be with Jared. Back on shore, Ashley again went after Jared.

Next, a third bachelor, Ryan Beckett (from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season), arrived and took Haley on a horseback riding date. Other noteworthy moments, included Grant telling Lace in a jacuzzi that he loved her, and Izzy questioning her relationship with Vinny because she was so attracted to Brett. She even acted on her feelings and pulled Brett aside to tell him.

At the end of the episode, Vinny was angered when Izzy confessed her attraction for Brett. He told the other guys he was “crushed” and “heartbroken.” The show ended with Vinny telling Izzy he wanted closure.


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