‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Four Men Sent Home At First Rose Ceremony

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Bachelor In Paradise August 21 2017 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise August 21 2017 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Monday had four bachelors sent home after the first rose ceremony of the franchise’s fourth season. Also, a love triangle began to form between Kristina, Dean, and new arrival Danielle L. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

The episode began with the arrival of Adam Gottschalk (from Rachel Lindsay’s season). And while a lot of women were vying for a date with Adam, after he happily chatted up a number of them, he chose Raven. For their date, the two went into town, where they drank margaritas over lunch.

We learned during their date that while the show was on hiatus, Raven and Adam had actually met up in the U.S. and had a good time. Raven admitted over drinks with Adam that she liked Ben and that Robby was exactly what she expected. “I’m up in the air,” she truthfully told Adam. The two then danced a little in the streets before returning to the resort. Later, Raven and Adam continued dancing during the cocktail party before making out.

Even though Dean and Kristina hit it off right from the start, he told her before the rose ceremony that he wanted to cool things down a little. Dean tried to explain that he liked her and wanted to stay in paradise, but that he wanted to get to know her better in a more organic way. Kristina was somewhat hurt.

Finally, it was time for the first rose ceremony of season four of “Bachelor In Paradise.” Naturally, Taylor gave her rose to Derek, and Jasmine went with Matt. Raven then handed her rose to Adam, Alexis chose Jack, Lacey picked Diggy, and Danielle gave hers to Ben. Despite the less than encouraging talk with Dean, Kristina still chose him. And even though she wasn’t feeling it romantically with Robby, Amanda gave him a friendship rose. That meant Alex, Iggy, Nick and Vinny were sent home.

The next morning, paradise was thrown into flux when Danielle Lombard (from Nick Viall’s season) arrived. The men went went insane for her and each tried to flirt with her. And while the bachelors were into her, the women were not happy and started to feel insecure. After talking to all the guys, she asked Dean out on a date. Suffice to say, Kristina was ticked off.

Before his date with Danielle L., Dean spoke to Kristina and told her that while he accepted the date, he was still looking forward to seeing her afterwards. Although a nice sentiment, Kristina was still hurt. And with that, Dean when on his date with Danielle L., which included them riding an ATV through a forest. While Dean and Danielle L. talked and then kissed afterwards, Kristina was seen back at the resort moping on the beach.

When Dean returned from his date with Danielle L., he sought out Kristina to talk. He told her about his date with Danielle L. and downplayed the kissing. She seemed to feel a little bit more reassured by the end of the episode at the bonfire where they sat together and laughed. But then, Dean left for a little and came back with a half-birthday cake for Danielle L., prompting Kristina to run off crying back to her room.

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