‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Ashley Returns For Jared, Nick Romances Jen

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Bachelor In Paradise august 16 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise august 16 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Tuesday had Ashley returning for Jared, Nick romancing new arrival Jen Saviano (from Ben Higgins’ season), and Carly and Evan rekindling. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

When Ashley arrived, she told Chris Harrison she and Jared will “never be just friends.” As for him, Jared told the camera he was “shocked” and “caught off-guard” by her presence in paradise. After he told her privately about hanging out now with Caila, Ashley had an expected meltdown, which wasn’t helped by the twins, Emily and Haley, informing her how “excited” Jared was to be with Caila.

In tears, Ashley asked a parrot on the island if she should just leave. Next, she spoke to Caila, with whom she previously talked before arriving on paradise, and what emerged was that Caila told Ashley that she had no interest in Jared and that he was “not her type” Suffice to say, they’re conversation didn’t go well, and Ashley called Caila a “backstabbing whore of a friend” to her face.

Next, Ashley talked to Jared again, and when she said she had a date card and “always had hope for us,” he suggested she go out with Daniel because he’s funny and she won’t be “stressed out” around him. During her dinner with Daniel, which wasn’t nearly as horrific as one might expect, a bunch of costumed warriors interrupted and lifted Ashley away in her seat to ceremonially sacrifice the virgin. That left Daniel to awkwardly finish dinner by himself.

Not long after Jen arrived, she asked out Nick. The two took a boat ride to a private beach. On the way there, Jen confessed to how she wanted to meet him and how attracted she was to him. Not surprisingly, the two were ll over each other on the beach.

Also, picking up from the last show, Carly accompanied Evan to the hospital after he had some sort of bizarre episode, which may likely have been a fake medical scare. Regardless, even though she dumped him early on, Carly confessed to having a good time with him at the hospital, and that she had “reboarded the Evan train.”

Before going into the rose ceremony, however, problems between Jared and Ashley once again erupted. After Jared privately talked to Caila by the pool and kissed, Ashley asked to speak to him and said, “I never felt for anyone the way I feel for you.” She said she came to paradise to “get over” Jared, but he responded that he wanted to leave the resort because of her.


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