‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Recap: Carly & Evan Wed, Cast Returns

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Bachelor In Paradise August 15 2017 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise August 15 2017 recap


“Bachelor In Paradise” on Tuesday had Carly and Evan getting married, and the cast returning after production was shut down because of Corinne and DeMario, and Chris Harrison discussing it. Get the full recap and some spoilers below.

The second episode of the season premiere began with the wedding of Evan and Carly, who met on “Bachelor In Paradise.” But before they tied the knot, the show aired footage from the handful of marriages that resulted from “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette,” and “Bachelor In Paradise.” Harrison then officiated the ceremony before a number of past contestants, including Nick, Vanessa, Jade, Tanner, Kaitlyn, Juelia, Ashley I., and the twins Emily and Haley. Next, Carly and Evan exchanged personal vows and became husband and wife.

Following the wedding, the show got more somber with the season four cast members returning after production was suspended because of the sexual encounter in the pool between DeMario and Corinne. While everyone else came back to paradise, DeMario and Corinne did not. With the bachelors and bachelorettes assembled on the beach, Harrison discussed the incident and said an independent investigation determined “there was no evidence of misconduct by cast on the set.” For the most part, the contestants voiced how the knew from the start that DeMario hadn’t done anything wrong and were glad that he was exonerated. Also talked about was the role of race, the slut-shaming of Corinne, and the topic of consent,

After that and everyone confirming that they wanted to be there, it was time for more fun in the sun. A good part of the show had the unattached men jockeying for roses from the women. Towards the end of the episode, Derek got a date card and chose Taylor, with whom she lovingly spent the whole day. The two then shared a romantic dinner, kissed and went to bed together.

At the end of the episode, it appeared that some of the budding couples were going in separate directions. Matt was unsure of Jasmine, and after Dean hit it off with Kristina, he started to become aloof.

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