‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Premiere Recap: Season 4 Begins With Corinne, DeMario Scandal

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Bachelor In Paradise Premiere Recap 2017

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise Premiere Recap 2017


“Bachelor In Paradise” began off its fourth season on Monday with former “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” contestants, mostly from Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall’s seasons looking again for love (and possibly some fleeting fame) at the Playa Escondido resort in Sayulita, Mexico. The season premiere partially focused on the incident involving DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, which caused production to shut down for three weeks. Also, the episode featured the first three dates. Get the full recap and spoilers below.

The show began with host Chris Harrison talking about how production was shut down after two days of shooting when Corinne and DeMario had a drunken incident in the pool, which producers felt went too far. He said the purpose of the program was “summer fun and love” but everything went awry, resulting in various “accusations and allegations.” Harrison then promised before the bachelors and bachelorettes arrived to the Mexican resort that it was the “most shocking” and “most dramatic” season ever.

After Harrison talked about how production was suspended, the first to arrive at paradise and looking for a second chance was Raven Gates (from Nick Viall’s season). She told Harrison she returned to the franchise hoping to get engaged. Next was Dean Unglert (from Rachel Lindsay’s season). After him in quick succession was Kristina Schulman (from Nick Viall’s season), Danielle Maltby (from Nick Viall’s season), Ben Zorn (from Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season), and Iggy Rodriguez (from Rachel Lindsay’s season). Also arriving were Jasmine Goode (from Nick Viall’s season), Jack Stone (from Rachel Lindsay’s season), and Alexis Waters (from Nick Viall’s season) in her shark costume.

Then DeMario Jackson (from Rachel Lindsay’s season) came to paradise. Before he met the others, Harrison wanted him to set the record. DeMario told the host, “I did not have a girlfriend,” though he acknowledged that maybe Lexi, the woman who confronted him on Rachel’s season of “The Bachelorette,” might have thought they were dating. The contestants there immediately gave DeMario grief, asking if he had a girlfriend. He even tried to win over Raven, who he already felt was a leader, but she wasn’t having it.

In the next wave were Derek Peth (from JoJo Fletcher’s season), Alex Woytkiw (from JoJo Fletcher’s season), and Corinne Olympios (from Nick Viall’s season). While she briefly chatted with Harrison before meeting the others, she said she was “really excited,” but was “not rushing” to the “first guy” who expressed interest in her. Next, DeMario told the camera when she arrived, “I want to get to know Corinne right now.”

After her was Lacey Mark (from Nick Viall’s season), Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland (from Rachel Lindsay’s season), Vinny Ventiera (from JoJo Fletcher’s season and “Bachelor In Paradise 3”), and Matt Munson (from Rachel Lindsay’s season) who came dressed in a penguin suit. Then Nick Benvenutti (from JoJo Fletcher’s season) showed up looking like Santa Claus. And within minutes of being there, he and Jasmine made out.

Amanda Stanton (from Ben Higgins’s season and “Bachelor in Paradise 3”) came back to paradise. Once there, she returned to Harrison the engagement the ring that Josh Murray gave her during the previous season’s finale. Corinne’s nemesis Taylor Nolan (from Nick Viall’s season) also came back.

Throughout the entrances, there were different cuts to Corinne and DeMario who were drinking at the bar. There were also shots of him giving her a massage, and DeMario lifting Corinne up as she wondered aloud who be “getting engaged.” The two also were seen dancing on the beach. And within 30 minutes of being there, Corinne then jumped into the pool fully dressed with DeMario. As Alex noted to the camera, they were already “attached at the hip.”

Harrison then met with everyone and introduced the show’s bartender, Jorge, who bid them adios to start him own business. The host then brought out the new bartender, Wells (from JoJo Fletcher’s season). He said he wasn’t there to meet or date anyone, just dole out booze and advice. Harrison also said the women were going to hand out the first roses.

The first date card went to Kristina, who went out with Dean for dinner. The two bonded because each of them had difficult and unconventional childhoods. A mariachi band then began to play and the two danced before kissing.

The next morning, Lacey left because her grandmother died. It was not only sad for her, but also for Iggy because the two had begun to connect. After her exit, Robby Hayes (from JoJo Fletcher’s season) arrived, complete with a date card. He talked to a number of women, but ultimately he decided on Raven.

The two went jet-skiing and then sat on the beach, where they talked and drank. Robby told the camera he liked that she was also southern and thought he could have a future with her. The two were then seen kissing in the ocean. Humorously, when they returned to the resort, Robby told the guys how much they clicked, while Raven shared with the women how not right they were for each other. She didn’t like that he had less hair than her on his body and had prettier eyes.

The next date card went to Matt, who asked out Jasmine. They went into town for their night out and ended up in a drag bar. One of the drag queens said one of their performers was missing, and so they needed a volunteer. Naturally, Jasmine volunteered Matt, who was then dressed in a lavender gown, long wig, and adorned with sparky eye glitter. Jasmine later told Matt she was impressed with how he handled it. That was followed by the two of them making out.

The first episode ended right before the first rose ceremony. As it was about to begin, the producers said they wanted to talk to Corinne and DeMario. Everyone was wondering where they were being taken and what was going on. And the next thing the confused bachelors and bachelorettes heard was that production was being shut down.

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