‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Finale Recap: Jade And Tanner Engaged!

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Jade Tanner Engaged

By Michael Lewittes |

Jade Tanner Engaged


On the “Bachelor In Paradise” finale, the four remaining couples figured out if they were meant for each other, resulting in one pair getting engaged at the end of the show. Get the full recap here!

Tanner and Jade, Joshua and Tenley, Nick and Samantha, and Justin and Cassandra were each given the option to go on fantasy suite dates to help them decide whether they would continue as couples after they left paradise. While Justin and Samantha had no problem with a sleepover, two couples were unsure whether they were prepared for overnight dates.

Cassandra expressed concern because, though she liked Justin and felt a connection, they only met a day earlier. She told Justin she was “attracted” to him and there was “chemistry,” but it was “inappropriate” for them to spend the next together. Tenley had known Joshua since the beginning, but with the pressure on, began to seriously question if they two had a future together. Ultimately, she decided, “I got to give it a chance”

Jade and Tanner had no second thoughts about going into the fantasy suite. In fact, Tanner told Jade, “I love you,” to which she responded, “I love you, too.” The next morning they were filmed in bed, with Jade saying she was “feeling great.”

After the overnight dates, the four couples met with Chris Harrison, who told them to spend their last day in paradise deciding before the final rose ceremony whether their relationships were viable after leaving the show. He warned that they had to be “honest” because there’s “nothing worse than an empty promise.”

His words seemed to have particularly resonated with Tenley, who told Joshua that she wanted to be “realistic” and “honest” with him, before admitting that she didn’t think they would work out between them, though off-camera she said he was a “beautiful man with a beautiful heart.”

At the rose ceremony, there were two roses out for each couple. The first couple up was Cassandra and Justin, who each accepted the other’s rose and decided to pursue their romance. Next, Nick asked Samantha if she would leave paradise with him. She responded that he was her Prince Charming. They then exchanged roses, kissed, and walked off together.

The third couple was Tenley and Joshua. While he wanted to continue dating Tenley, she couldn’t go through with it. She told him that he “restored hope in me to have a great love.” But because they lived so far away from each other and led different lives, she had to break up with him, though Tenley said, “I care for you so much.” With their roses left behind, the two hopped into cars and drove away separately.

Finally, it was time for Tanner and Jade. She spoke about how much she loves him and gave him her rose. Shockingly, Tanner didn’t hand Jade a rose, which for a split second startled her. Instead, he gave her a diamond ring. Tanner then dropped down to a knee and asked her to marry him. Nor surprisingly, Jade said, “Yes,” and the two got engaged! What did you think of the “Bachelor In Paradise” finale?


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