‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Finale Recap: 3 Couples Engaged!

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Bachelor In Paradise finale september 6 recap

By Michael Lewittes |

Bachelor In Paradise finale september 6 recap


The “Bachelor In Paradise” finale had three of the four remaining couples getting engaged at the end of the show. Get the full recap and spoilers here!

The episode opened with Carly and Evan acting in love the morning after spending the night in the fantasy suite. Carly told the camera, “I would accept a proposal.” And while it was an easy decision for those two, next we saw Grant and Lace in bed in their fantasy suite.

Grant said he was in love but also “confused.” He wasn’t sure if they were ready to get engaged. In response, Lace revealed she “didn’t trust our relationship anymore,” and felt, “If we don’t engaged, we probably won’t make it.”

Nick and Jen were then shown in bed toasting each other. Jen told the camera, “I do see a proposal at the end,” while Nick admitted, “I could get used to looking at her for the rest of my life.” After them, Amanda and Josh were in their fantasy suite bed talking about how “much fun” they had. Amanda said, “I want to wake up next to him forever,” and “I love being around him.” Josh said he was “nervous” because he wanted to be “mindful” of her two daughters.

The first couple to get engaged were Evan and Carly. In between tears, they expressed how much they each love each other. Then, Evan dropped to a knee and asked, “Will you freakin’ marry me?” They next drove out of paradise in a van, saying how “lucky” they both were.

Grant and Lace also got engaged. Though there were uncertainties after the overnight date, Lace told him, “I embrace every moment of being here with you.” As for Grant, he said, “I can’t picture my life without you. I want to build a life with you… And I want that to start today.” He then popped the question, and an overjoyed Lace said, “Yes.”

During their time at the rose ceremony, Jen said, “I’ve fallen in love with you.” Nick began to cry. He told Jen he was ready to leave before she arrived in paradise, but that changed. Still, Nick confessed, “Something’s telling me to say goodbye,” adding he was “so sorry” and “you deserve better than me.” Nick then walked Jen to her car. He followed her out of paradise in his own car. But, as Gossip Cop reported, Nick Viall has been tapped “The Bachelor” for the upcoming season.

And finally, Josh and Amanda got engaged. Amanda said that before she met Josh, she questioned whether true love existed. He then told her he was initially “scared” and “worried,” but felt she was the “most loving and beautiful woman” he’s ever met and that she was his “true love.” After assuring Amanda he would love her daughters as much as he loves her, Josh proposed, and she said, “Yes!”


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