‘Bachelor In Paradise 2’ Recap: First Contestant Gets Sent Home!

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bachelor paradise 2 recap august 3 2015

By Michael Lewittes |

bachelor paradise 2 recap august 3 2015


“Bachelor In Paradise 2” on Monday had two of the women asking guys out on dates, and then the first rose ceremony and elimination. See who got sent home below.

The episode began with Clare Crawley (from Juan Pablo’s season) joining the other 15 contestants from previous “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” seasons. No sooner had she arrived did she receive a date card. And while it seemed like many of the men and women had already paired up, she decided to hang with Mikey Tenerelli. The two went on a yoga date and hit it off.

Afterwards, Ashley Salter, who was taken away in an ambulance in Sunday’s episode because of dehydration, was back at Playa Escondida, where she got a date card. She chose Dan Cox, who quite gentlemanly accompanied her in the ambulance to the local hospital. The shared a quiet dinner, danced, and kissed.

There were very few surprises at the rose ceremony, except for maybe who got eliminated. Kirk chose Carly, Dan gave his rose to Ashley S., and Jared pick Ashley I., with whom he enjoyed a date riding through the jungle on an ATV.

Tanner gave his rose to his date Jade while Mikey’s yoga partner Clare got one, too. And Jonathan gave his rose to Juelia. When it came to the final rose, JJ had to choose between Jillian and Tenley. Both women had worked JJ and kissed him in the hopes of getting a rose, but in the end, Tenley got the rose and Jillian was sent home. What did you think of this episode of “Bachelor In Paradise”?


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