Aziz Ansari “Dirty Talk” On ‘SNL’ Goes Bad – WATCH VIDEO

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Aziz Ansari SNL Dirty Talk

By Michael Lewittes |

Aziz Ansari


Aziz Ansari’s attempt to talk dirty with his girlfriend goes way bad in a “SNL” sketch. It starts off with Ansari suggesting to his girlfriend in bed that instead of their usual appointment sex on Sundays, they do “something fun tonight.” And while his girlfriend (played by Melissa Villasenor) agrees to “dirty talk,” her sexy talk is horrible. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below.

Once Ansari’s girlfriend agrees to “spice it up” with dirty talk, he begins by asking, “What’s up, you dirty girl,” to which she responds, “What’s up, you freakin’ alcoholic?” After asking her not to bring up his old “demons,” Ansari then suggests just acting a “little mean” to him, which results in the girlfriend saying, “What’s up, bitch? I make more money than you.” That also doesn’t sit well with him.

Next, Ansari tells her to try to call him “daddy.” But she instead creeps him out by sexily saying, “Dad, do me, dad.” He points out that by saying “dad,” it makes it sound like she wants to have sex with her “biological dad.”

With that having failed, Ansari expresses that they should try role-playing. But after he asks if she knows why he’s keeping her “after class for some extra tutoring,” the girlfriend responds, “Oh yeah I am, because I have a learning disability.” He follows that up with pressing, “Do you know why you’re here in the principal’s office, young lady?” “Because I brought a gun to school,” the girlfriend blurts out. Still pushing forward with the school role-playing, Ansari tells her, “You’re bad,” to which she agrees, “Yeah, the baddest girl in sixth grade.” An exasperated Ansari stops her right there and lays out the general rules of “dirty talk… you’re 18. Keep it legal.”

Ansari finally offers that perhaps they could play around with “voices.” He then tells his girlfriend in an Australian accent that his name is “Liam,” and he’s a surfer. She then similarly does a funny voice, and when Ansari questions her what her name is, she replies, “Owen Wilson.” He then implores her to do a woman’s voice. And she complies by impersonating Wanda Sykes. Check out the “SNL” video below of Aziz Ansari and his girlfriend failing at “dirty talk” in bed. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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