Azealia Banks Slams Nicki Minaj And Miley Cyrus As “Basic,” Rips Beyonce And Taylor Swift In Twitter Rant

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Azealia Banks Miley Cyrus Nicki Minaj

By Shari Weiss |

Azealia Banks Miley Cyrus Nicki Minaj

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Azealia Banks is once again going after Nicki Minaj, and this time she’s slamming Miley Cyrus, too.

Apparently unhappy with the amount of attention Minaj and Cyrus have been getting in the wake of the VMAs, Banks first tweeted on Wednesday morning, “Miley Cyrus HAS to know her sh*t is whack as f*ck. It has to be a joke… Isn’t she making fun of herself? Yes? No? Either way the sh*t is trizzy as f*ck and sucking up too much air.” Banks then plugged one of her own songs, before sending out dozens of tweets in a massive rant.

“All of y’all bitches are whack and make boring music and rip all ur styles off the downtown NYC girls,” declared Banks. “It’s so funny to wake up and see nicki and Miley or nicki and taylor fighting when you ALL make basic ass music. it’s a ki!!!” She then exclaimed, “ITS A CONTEST OF THE BASICS,” and “BASIC BASIC BASIC.”

When one Minaj fan wondered, “Do you ever ask yourself why haven’t you been charting?” Banks fired back, “Because my skin bleach hasn’t kicked in yet and I’m waiting for my ethnic rhinoplasty.” And when someone else said, “I think it’s important to respect the work of others and worry about doing your job well,” the controversial rapper had another comeback.

“I think it’s important that the stakes are raised because these artists out here are fighting for the lowest hanging fruit,” argued Banks. Then, when confronted about old tweets praising Minaj, she insisted, “She’s great. Incredible even, I’m just…. Better.” Banks went on to say she was using her fellow rap star “as an example of a greater issue bc it’s perfect example of the effect Americanism has on blackness and back female identity. How they treat us. How we feel about it, what we do to cope/go against it.”

She continued, “They’re all parts of a MUCH bigger issue. Big issues are made up of MILLIONS of tiny issues.” Banks then gave an extended analogy about a sandwich (really), and claimed that she upset about Minaj and Cyrus’ “basic” music getting “sales and acknowledgment.” “I don’t care about being the richest woman in the cemetery. That means nothing to me,” she tweeted to one follower, later adding, ” I don’t need to be famous. I just need to eat and have a place to sleep and a pot to sh*t in.”

Banks also defended recently saying she wanted to work with Minaj by more hurling disses. “Because then I can help her make dope songs so her sh*t doesn’t sound like Katy perry leftovers,” she said. “Because her being black means she deserves Tailormade custom African princess styles… not left over cracker swag.”

“She be trying her hardest to be on the same level with these white bitches,” continued Banks. “Like don’t u get that these white girls are trying their hardest to be you? Why are u tryna be them? Idgi. But I know she knows she’s better than them and IT MAKES ME SO MAD cause it sets a standard for basicness that other black girls follow!! not cool!!!”

Banks encouraged Minaj to stop “playing nice” when it’s “convenient,” and even said she walked into a “trap” when she went off on Cyrus during the VMAs. Banks also backtracked on a previous Cyrus compliment. After saying Tuesday that the pop star “gets it,” Banks now clarified, “She gets that she has no culture no swag no nothing. She understands the inferiority of being white.”

The tweets also included digs about Beyonce only wanting to work with light-skinned black women, and Minaj stealing from Kim Kardashian and only answering to “skinny white girls” like Swift. As Gossip Cop has reported, Banks has become known for her Twitter sprees, and has previously attacked Minaj over the BET Awards and other issues, usually flip-flopping at some point along the way. Asked now why she doesn’t just take her gripes to Minaj directly, Banks responded, “Because n*ggas don’t hear me when I say things regularly they only hear me when I’m making a scene.”

Well, Banks definitely made a scene Wednesday, with her first name becoming a trending topic. And she’s still firing off more tweets. TELL US: What do you think of Banks going after Cyrus, Minaj, Beyoncé, and Swift?


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