Azealia Banks: Russell Crowe Called Me N-Word, Choked And Spat On Me

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Russell Crowe Azealia Banks

By Michael Lewittes |

Russell Crowe Azealia Banks

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Azealia Banks alleges Russell Crowe called her the N-word “choked me” and “spat on me” on Saturday inside what she calls a party in his “suite.” On Sunday, Banks leveled a number of serious allegations on Facebook about Crowe, but is this what really happened?

In a short post on her Facebook page, Banks wrote, “To recap my night, I went to a part[y] at Russell crowes suite, at which he called me a n*****, choked me, threw me out and spat at me.” The singer continued, “Last night was one of the hardest nights of sleep I’ve had in a long time,” before further alleging, “The men in the room allowed it to happen. I feel terrible today.”

Gossip Cop has reached out to Crowe’s rep and attorney to find out what is and what isn’t true, but we have yet to hear back. Banks has not provided any other details, including where this allegedly happened and whether there were any other disputes. Crowe, for his part, has not mentioned any type of altercation or party on his social media accounts. Below is a screenshot of the Facebook post from Banks. Gossip Cop will update as soon as a clearer picture emerges of what did and didn’t happen.

UPDATE: Rather curiously, Banks has deleted the post without any explanation. What we’re now hearing is Crowe had around 10 people over for dinner in his hotel room in Beverly Hills, and Banks tagged along with rapper RZA. A source said she first insulted Crowe and others as “boring white men,” before allegedly threatening to stab them with a glass. When Banks, who was supposedly using the N-word repeatedly, reached for a glass, Crowe grabbed her and threw her out of his suite and called security, who kicked her off the hotel’s property. On Sunday, Banks filed a battery report against Crowe.

Russell Crowe Azealia Banks

(Facebook/Azealia Banks)


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