Azealia Banks Explodes: Blacks Should Stay Separate From Whites

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Azealia Banks Rant

By Daniel Gates |

Azealia Banks Rant

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Azealia Banks has launched another Twitter rant, continuing to defend her belief that black Americans should pursue their own culture and society rather than adopting the practices of the white majority. Her explosive new comments are sure to raise eyebrows again. See what she said below.

In recent weeks, the rapper has repeatedly expressed her frustrations with various matters pertaining to race. She’s fought with Iggy Azalea about the Australian’s appropriate of black culture, compared the rape allegations against Bill Cosby to police killings of blacks, and called for slavery reparations on multiple occasions.

On Friday, she went after Kendrick Lamar for suggesting that blacks have to have “respect for ourselves” before they can expect it, in the context of recent police violence toward unarmed black men. Banks called it the “dumbest sh*t I’ve ever heard a black man say.” Later on Friday and well into Saturday, she continued her rant. Here’s what she said, in relatively unedited excerpts, although she did pause in the middle to feud with Lupe Fiasco about his relative popularity:

The black community will NEVER be able to “fix” itself so long as we’re living within white means and by white devices. So long as the social studies textbook bangs into you all the stories of why you CANT….. you will never be able. So long as we speak white languages and celebrate white holidays, and worship white saints WITH REVERANCE… we will never be able. This was not designed for us. and it’s not going to change.

Which is why we need our reparations so we can have the money to have our own public schools and our own curriculum. And our own churches and our own gods, and our OWN sh*t. These new rap guys are really house n*ggers for real. this reminds me of the time rocky said black women look ugly in red lipstick. Just because white fashion gave u a couple new outfits and some other free sh*t doesn’t mean u can then go and diss the women who raised u and say they are ugly.. by any means.

But really, its all about magic. The most magical people are the ones who have to deal with oppression, because the non-magical are jealous. That’s why Jews and Blacks have been persecuted over and over again throughout history. because they have the most magic. these are quarrels are ANCIENT. Aryans have no magic, and they are mad about it.

Have u guys ever read or heard about “The Bell Curve”?? The bell curve is some white mans SUPER DUPER condescending way of articulating why whites are the supreme. it’s a f*cking crock of sh*t. y’all really need to get into “The Bell Curve” and really REALLY see what these crackers are thinking/saying about us behind closed doors. “Guns, Germs and Steel” is also another really good read. AND PLEASE READ “THE MISEDUCATION OF THE NEGRO” …. i know black twitter hates me, but please please PLEASE just read that book.

I’m not trying to stand up or be a voice for all black people.. I’m speaking for my future kids. those little black kids. my children will be black and i’ll be damned if they grow up learning the same things i did. i will be f*cking damned. so when i rant, I’m ranting on behalf of my future children. I’m ranting from a motherly place. i have black nieces and nephews… and i am passionate about their mental states and well-beings.

I’m not a racist, but i’m definitely prejudice. * a prejudicist ?? who cares about proper grammar in a language that isn’t mine… f*ck english LOL i should be speaking with my tongue clicking on the top of my mouth and sh*t!!!!!…my natural languages are better than this!!!!!!! IM MAD because i have no black means of which to express myself. IM MAD BECAUSE I SING AND SPEAK IN ENGLISH….. YESS….. I AM MAD. GIVE ME MY F*CKING MONEY.

I care more about the unborn than i do my own career or well-being. I’m irrelevant in context of it all. I don’t matter as much as you all want me to.., it’s about the youth….. the youth for eternity Ancestor Worship is just as important as Youth Worship… you MUST worship the young and the dead. You need to worship the dead and the young more than you need to worship god. The dead and the young are the CLOSEST to the creative force. The young are close because they are just born, and the old are close because they are on their way out……. THE DEAD AND THE YOUNG… EVERYONE LISTENS TO MY MUSIC.

I Wonder if most of the Black American Christians in the U.S know WHY they are Christian. I wonder if they even consider for a SECOND that before their ancestors came to the Americas that they may have believed in something ELSE. Most black Americans are Christian because there grandparents were FORCED to become such. The idea of “HEAVEN”: the idea of paradise after all their earthly sufferings as a slave is really what drew them in. Christianity is a spiritual trap for the black American soul.

And I didn’t say that God doesn’t exist… I said that Christianity is not the means by which blacks originally reached him. BIG DIFF… I never even said that Jesus wasn’t real. All of it is real if you believe in it. I’m just offering some alternative ideas about it, some other ideas that are also VERY REAL.

Wow. We have a feeling she’s not done. In recent weeks, reaction to the performer’s rants has been divided between fans who believe she’s speaking truth to power, and critics who think Banks is misguided and desperate for attention. How do you interpret her latest remarks?


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