Azealia Banks Will Not Face Criminal Charges For Allegedly Assaulting Bouncer

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Azealia Banks Assault Charges

By Andrew Shuster |

Azealia Banks Assault Charges

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Azealia Banks will not face criminal charges over an incident last October in which the rapper allegedly assaulted a bouncer at a Los Angeles nightclub. The L.A. City Attorney dismissed the case on Monday due to a lack of evidence.

As Gossip Cop reported, Banks reportedly became “unruly” at L.A. hotspot Break Room 86, and after security asked her to leave, the rapper allegedly pulled a fire alarm while making her exit. She then supposedly attacked a bouncer who tried to stop her, and security footage of the incident was caught on camera.

Initially, a criminal battery report was filed against Banks, but it’s now been rejected because multiple other people were involved in the altercation, and it isn’t clear who started the fight. Additionally, the bouncer didn’t suffer any injuries from the alleged assault.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Banks has been involved in multiple physical encounters over the past few months. Last September, the rapper was filmed getting into a fight with a fellow passenger on a plane. She was recorded punching and spitting in the person’s face, and then calling a male flight attendant a homophobic slur after he tried to intervene. The victims declined to file complaints, and Banks didn’t face any charges.

Most recently, in December, Banks was arrested outside of a New York City club for biting a female bouncer on the breast. She was later charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and harassment. That case is still pending.


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