Azealia Banks: BET Awards Are “Bogus,” Nicki Minaj Wins “Every Year”

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Azealia Banks slams BET awards

By James Crugnale |

Azealia Banks slams BET awards

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Azealia Banks slammed the BET Awards on Twitter on Monday, after the 2015 nominations were revealed.

As Gossip Cop reported, the rapper was nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, but she was far from happy about it, calling the annual awards show “bogus” and a “running joke.” “I really hate getting nominated for @bet awards,” Banks tweeted. “They’re so bogus.”

She then took several shots at Nicki Minaj and her fans. Banks observed that her fellow rapper is a frequent winner, as she’s won Best Female Hip-Hop Artist every year since 2010. “The female rap award at the bet awards goes to nicki every year,” Banks wrote. “It’s not even a real award anymore lol it’s a bit of a running joke.”

“They should just nominate nicki five times with five different wigs on and pick the best picture lol,” she added. The outspoken rapper went on to mock Minaj’s fans and tweeted that she was running them over with an imaginary car. Aware that her remarks are often considered controversial, Banks then said, “3,2,1 all the urban media sites gonna run a headline saying I’m throwing shots. Black media is so stupid and pointless. What a sh*tty cycle.”

While it seems unlikely Banks will attend the June ceremony, she and Minaj will be competing against DeJ Loaf, Iggy Azalea, Tink, and Trina. What do you think of Banks’ comments on the BET Awards?


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