Azealia Banks Arrested Outside New York Club After Biting Breast Of Security Guard

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Azalea Banks Arrest

By Michael Lewittes |

Azalea Banks Arrest

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Azealia Banks was arrested on Wednesday morning outside a New York club, a spokesman for the NYPD confirms to Gossip Cop. The feisty rapper was “verbally abusive” and “bit the breast” of a female security guard at the hotspot Up&Down, said the spokesman, noting that it caused “redness and swelling” to the attacked woman. Gossip Cop confirms Banks was arrested at 12:46 a.m. and later charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and harassment. She has yet to comment on the arrest.

Banks reportedly got into an argument with the security of the club when she wasn’t allowed into a private party. The rapper exchanged words with both a male and a female bouncer and allegedly spat in the woman’s face. Banks then sunk her teeth into the female security guard’s right breast. Police then took her into custody.

This is the third major outburst for Banks in as many months. As Gossip Cop reported in September, she was nearly arrested for a fight on a plane from New York to Los Angeles when she punched and spat in another passenger’s face. She also was caught on camera calling a male flight attendant a homophobic slur.

Just a month before, Banks allegedly assaulted a security guard at the Los Angeles club Break Room 86. She seemingly tried to pull a fire alarm as she left the hotspot, and when a bouncer tried to stop her, Banks reportedly became violent and a fight broke out.


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