Avril Lavigne Slams Mark Zuckerberg For Nickelback Diss (VIDEO)

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Avril Lavigne Mark Zuckerberg Diss

By Shari Weiss |

Avril Lavigne Mark Zuckerberg Diss

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Avril Lavigne is slamming Mark Zuckerberg for dissing Chad Kroeger’s band, Nickelback. See video below.

Zuckerberg is promoting a new artificial intelligence system called Jarvis, similar to Amazon’s Alexa. In an introductory video showing off the device, which is voiced by none other than Morgan Freeman, the Facebook creator demonstrates the different tasks Jarvis can help accomplish. At one point, Zuckerberg asks Jarvis to “play us some good Nickelback songs.”

In Freeman’s signature voice, the A.I. program responds, “I’m sorry Mark, I’m afraid I can’t do that. There are no good Nickelback songs.” Zuckerberg then quips “Good. That was actually a test.” The joke, of course, is part of a running pop culture gag mocking Kroeger’s group.

But Lavigne is not having it. On Thursday night, she posted a note on Twitter to the attention of “Dear @Facebook.” In the attached photo, the singer had written, “Dear Mark, Many people use your products — some people love them and some people don’t. Either way, you’re allowed your musical opinion however, your jab at Nickelback is in poor taste.”

“When you have a voice like yours, you may want to consider being more responsible with promoting bullying, especially given what’s going on in the world today,” Lavigne continued. She went on to include the hashtags, “#SayNoToBullying #TheJokeIsOld #NickelbackHasSoldOver50MillionAlbums.” The note was signed, “xx, AL.”

Lavigne and Kroeger separated in the fall of 2015 after two years of marriage, but were back together as of February 2016. The Nickelback front man himself has not commented on Zuckerberg’s jab. See it at the 1:10 mark in the video below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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