Avril Lavigne NOT Dead, Singer Victim Of Death Hoax Conspiracy

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Avril Lavigne Death Hoax

By Michael Lewittes |

Avril Lavigne Death Hoax

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Avril Lavigne is not dead, nor was her death covered up several years ago, despite an absurd conspiracy that has once again returned and caused the singer’s name to trend on Twitter. The death hoax alleges Lavigne died years ago and was replaced by a look-alike named Melissa. But it’s all untrue nonsense.

Still, some people on Twitter believe the scenario. One fan tweeted, “I want to sleep but is Avril Lavigne really Avril Lavigne.” Another user wrote, “I’m not saying Avril Lavigne was replaced by Melissa Vandella but I am saying that I’ve never seen them in the same room.” “I’m not saying I believe that Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by a clone but Avril Lavigne is dead and was replaced by a clone,” added another Twitter user.

Rest assured, it’s all fake news. Sadly, Lavigne has previously been the subject of other untrue death reports. In addition to the replaced by a look-alike conspiracy, Gossip Cop busted a death hoax in January 2012 that vilely alleged Lavigne died in a “snowboard accident.” The story was from the prank website Global Associated News and claimed Lavigne was “vacationing at Whistler Blackcomb ski resort located 125 km north of Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada with family and friends,” when at one point she “lost control of her snowboard and struck a tree at a high rate of speed.” The gross death hoax falsely stated she “died instantly from the impact of the crash.”

Thankfully, that story was completely untrue, as is this latest conspiracy theory. In fact, far from being dead, Lavigne is currently back in the recording studio working on new music. Gossip Cop has said this before and we’ll say it again, it’s time these death hoaxes die out.

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