Avril Lavigne Did NOT Cheat On Chad Kroeger With Ryan Cabrera, Despite Report

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Avril Lavigne Cheated Chad Kroeger Ryan Cabrera

By Shari Weiss |

Avril Lavigne Cheated Chad Kroeger Ryan Cabrera

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Avril Lavigne did NOT cheat on Chad Kroeger with Ryan Cabrera, despite a report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story, which comes from one of the tabloids.

According to this week’s issue of Star, when Lavigne announced her separation from Kroeger last year, “she insisted they would remain the best of friends, ending any speculation about a third party being involved in the split.” But the magazine claims, however, that “Avril’s secret affair with Ryan Cabrera last summer certainly had something to do with it!”

“Ryan’s girlfriend, Katie Krause, discovered incriminating texts,” a so-called “source” alleges. “She kicked him straight to the curb.” Star goes on to say that “explains why Ryan moved in with Avril shortly after she dumped Chad.” The supposed snitch further claims, “Ryan loves his girlfriend, but he was having money trouble. He saw an opportunity with Avril and he took it.”

Uh, not quite. Gossip Cop actually looked into the Lavigne-Cabrera romance rumors earlier this year, and that’s how we exclusively confirmed in February that (… wait for it…) she and Kroeger are back together. There is nothing going on with Cabrera and there never was. A source close to the situation exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the Star story is “preposterous” and “not true.” Lavigne and Kroeger are pictured above at last month’s Juno Awards.


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