Avengers Gets ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Treatment With Redneck Voice-Over – WATCH VIDEO

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Avengers bad lip reading

By James Crugnale |

Avengers bad lip reading


The Avengers has received the “Bad Lip Reading” treatment, with its stars being hilariously lip dubbed with Redneck voice-overs and new absurd dialogue. With its added “bad lip reading,” The Avengers has been transformed from an action film into a soap opera drama titled, “Redneck Avengers: Tulsa Nights.” Watch the video below!

In the video, the Marvel superheroes are now all voiced with thick Dixie drawls and given personalities that seem straight out of the movie Deliverance.”Tricia, I think I’m in love!” Captain America tells Black Widow. He adds, “And even though you and me are family, who says we can’t be together!” Hawkeye interjects, “I say!” Captain America then asks, “You seen her tattoo?” And after its established that Black Widow likes also Hawkeye, Captain America skulks away, noting, “Man, this is crappy.”

In another scene, Captain America asks Iron Man, “Hey, you seen my beef jerky?” Iron Man replies, “I might have borrowed it for its flavor.” Then the two engaged in a bizarre conversation about Captain America’s grandmother weightlifting.

Later, Black Widow tells Loki, “Look, my daddy says he doesn’t want me to flirt with you, but I want to.” Loki then asks her about her former flame “Little Buddy Sweeney,” and she reveals they now “squabble.” Loki says that it make sense “since you ran over his horse.” Watch the “Bad Lip Reading” take on The Avengers below, and tell us what you think.


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