Austin Allsup, Preston James “The Voice” Battle Video: Watch “Bad Moon Rising” Performance!

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Austin Allsup Preston James The Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Austin Allsup Preston James The Voice Battle Video


Austin Allsup and Preston James went head to head during the last Battles episode of “The Voice” season 11 on Tuesday. Check out the video below!

While James’ Blind Audition was relegated to one of the NBC competition’s montages, Allsup impressed with his try-out performance of “Wild Horses.” More noteworthy, though, is that he already knew Blake Shelton, having served as an opening act for the country superstar back in 2005.

So it was no surprise that Allsup ended up on Team Blake. Now he and James (whose godmother is none other than Naomi Judd!) had to duke it out duet-style in order to stay in the running. Shelton assigned them “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. “They’re both country singers, but they both have a bit of an edge,” the coach noted.

As they prepared, guest mentor Bette Midler praised the artists for making the song feel “timely,” but pushed them to work on their harmonies and sound “crisp.” During the second rehearsal, Midler was pleased to see they had taken her notes, but teenage James felt insecure with Allsup being more than twice his age. Still, Shelton predicted this would be his “favorite” Battle.

Sure enough, both guys wowed during the country showdown. Alicia Keys commented afterward, “I love how you both have your own style,” but she gave her vote to James. Miley Cyrus went back and forth, unable to choose between the two, before amusingly exclaiming, “No one wins!” Adam Levine, meanwhile, thought Shelton “couldn’t go wrong” with either contestant.

Shelton, who gave a standing ovation, said, “If I had just done what either of you just did, I would like, ‘Nailed it!'” But he could only keep one singer on his team. And he chose Allsup! Watch below!


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