Audrina Patridge Slams Impersonator, Gets Backlash For Asking Fans To ‘Roast’ Impostor

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Audrina Patridge Roast Impersonator

By Andrew Shuster |

Audrina Patridge Roast Impersonator

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Audrina Patridge asked her Instagram fans on Monday to “roast” a girl who’s allegedly been pretending to be her on the phone. Now the reality star is receiving backlash for her suggestion, with many followers slamming Patridge for asking them to retaliate against the impersonator.

Patridge posted early Monday, “If anyone is in contact with this number 7**-797-9317 or receiving any kind of communication from it… it’s a scumbag impersonating to be me. Call the number, text it, blow it up & roast this piece!!” She later added in a second post, “This girl/impersonator is also using these numbers pretending to be me and my family members …. Roast them!!” Along with that comment, she posted a series of additional phone numbers that were allegedly being used by the scammer.

But now Patridge is being called out herself for how she handled the situation. One of her followers wrote, “Wow bully much….you should have turned it over to police, not tell people to ‘roast this piece’ way to be a good role model and promote bullying I’ve lost all respect.” Another user accused the reality star of taking advantage of her fans, saying, “Do ur own dirty work!! Fans are not ur minions.” A third commenter agreed with that statement, and added, “Plus it’s illegal, harassment and could get people in trouble. It’s so ignorant. I’ve lost so much respect!”

A few, however, commended Patridge for taking the situation public, such as the person who remarked, “For the ppl saying it’s illegal blab. … I’d like to see if it was u and ur family dealing with it! I’m sure u would sing a different tune. Getting fake numbers from apps is so easy now.” Tell us below what you think of Audrina Patridge asking fans to “roast” her phone impersonator, and the subsequent backlash she received.


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