Ashton Kutcher Planning “That ’70s Show” Reunion Stories Are Fake News

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Ashton Kutcher That 70s Show Reunion

By Shari Weiss |

Ashton Kutcher That 70s Show Reunion

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Ashton Kutcher is not planning a “That ’70s Show” reunion, contrary to fake news stories circulating in the tabloids and online. Gossip Cop can set the record straight for the second time now that this untrue rumor has surfaced again.

According to RadarOnline, Ashton Kutcher and his co-stars are “secretly planning” a new version of the comedy show, which originally aired on FOX from 1998 to 2006. Kutcher, wanting to grow to his career, opted to only have a recurring role in the eighth and final season. But now he supposedly wants to revisit Kelso and company 11 years after the series ended.

A so-called “insider” claims to the webloid that Kutcher got the idea to reunite after Wilmer Valderrama joined him and fellow co-star Danny Masterson on their Netflix show, “The Ranch.” Now the longtime friends are putting pitches together, contends the site’s supposed source, who maintains Kutcher’s real-life wife and love interest on the show, Mila Kunis, will have a “part.” The online outlet further asserts Kutcher is “trying to get Laura Prepon to sign on,” although Topher Grace has “opted out.”

Gossip Cop, however, already investigated these claims when they were first published by the National Enquirer last month. At the time, none of our reliable contacts could confirm there was any truth to the allegations. In fact, several sources actually told it wasn’t true Kutcher and his former colleagues were planning a “That ’70s Show” reunion.

Now the tabloid’s sister publication, RadarOnline, is regurgitating the false claims. But two wrongs certainly don’t make a right. The assertions aren’t any more accurate now simply because they are being parroted on the web nearly two weeks later. It’s just the same erroneous fake news spreading and duping fans. Kutcher and his old cast mates do enjoy having off-screen reunions whenever possible. But there’s still no plans for an on-screen “That ’70s Show” reunion for the foreseeable future.

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