Ashton Kutcher “Terrified” To Have Second Child – Watch “Today” Show Video!

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Ashton Kutcher Terrified Second Child Today Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ashton Kutcher Terrified Second Child Today Video


Ashton Kutcher admitted on Thursday’s “Today” show that he’s a “little terrified” to have his second child with Mila Kunis. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, it was revealed in June that Kunis is pregnant again. Now during his “Today” chat, Savannah Guthrie pointed out that they both have little girls who just turned 2, and also have babies on the way. When she asked for advice, Kutcher amusingly responded, “Give me some advice, I don’t know!”

“All my friends are like, you’re going from playing zone to going to playing man-to-man. It’s like intensely scary,” he confessed. “Plus, like the first one, I basically became like a doula for the pregnancy. I read everything you can possibly read. And this one I’m [nonchalantly] like, ‘It’s coming.’ You have a recognition that that they’re pretty durable, you’re not gonna break them.”

But, Kutcher went on, “How am I doing to run after this one? I thought the first one was exhausting in the beginning. I’m a little terrified, to be honest.” Still, he acknowledged, “It’s so exciting.” As for daughter Wyatt’s take, Kutcher revealed, “She points to Mila and she’s like ‘baby brother’ when she points to the belly, and then she points to dad and she goes ‘beer,’ so I think she gets there’s something in the belly, but I don’t quite think that she knows that it’s not going to be a plastic doll yet.”

Kutcher was on the NBC morning show to discuss his Netflix comedy, “The Ranch,” in which he co-stars with “That ’70s Show” cast mate, Danny Masterson. “It’s definitely funny, but I think it has a little more of a dramatic bent than most sitcoms, which makes it fun to act on,” the actor said. And with Wilmer Valderrama guest-starring, Kutcher said, “We like to work with our friends.” Check out the full interview below!

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