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A webloid known for fabricating stories is claiming to know Ashton Kutcher's reaction in the wake of Danny Masterson being fired from their show "The Ranch." This article, like so many others, was made-up simply to capitalize on a hot topic. Gossip Cop can expose the purported "exclusive" as fictional.

As Gossip Cop has reported, earlier this year Masterson was accused of raping multiple women. The media attention surrounding the allegations grew significantly in recent weeks. And on Tuesday, Netflix fired Masterson, although the streaming service did not give an official reason. Amid plans to write him out of the series, the actor released a statement criticizing the decision, noting, "From day one, I have denied the outrageous allegations against me. I have never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one."

That is the extent to which the scandal has been addressed. But HollywoodLife, which has manufactured so much fake news that it is nicknamed HollywoodLies, is maintaining it "exclusively" learned how Kutcher feels about the situation. In unnatural language, a so-called "source close to Kutcher" is quoted as saying basically what any friend would say about their buddy: "Ashton has been rocked by the firing of his friend Danny. He doesn't want to believe any of the accusations against his longtime friend, but he does hope the truth will come out."

The site goes on to assert that Kutcher "knew he had to do what was best for everyone involved," with the supposed snitch adding, "As one of the executives on the show, Ashton is agreeing to swift action being taken." Neither the alleged tipster nor the outlet acknowledge that Masterson has been a producer on the program, too, since its inception. He and Kutcher are both executive producers, along with several others, an important fact that isn't mentioned here. Netflix also hasn't addressed Masterson's involvement as a producer going forward, only commenting on his acting role.

HollywoodLies is wrongly giving the impression that Kutcher made some kind of solo decision as the executive producer to let Masterson go when that's not actually the case. What's more egregious is the online outlet asserting it has any insight on this serious subject matter at all. Not one reputable publication, including the trades that closely cover television, has reported on Kutcher's feelings in the wake of the firing, nor has he himself spoken out. Yet this blog wants readers to believe it genuinely obtained this big scoop. It did not.

We've been told by Kutcher's camp they are not addressing this matter right now, and when they do, Gossip Cop can assure it will not be through HollywoodLies. The webloid is merely adhering to its modus operandi: Take a celebrity topic that's making news and pretend to have inside knowledge on it. In fact, that shameful methodology often includes falsely claiming to know a star's reaction to a given event.

And this is the second suspect "exclusive" the site has run on this particular subject, after first peddling one about how Kutcher was "leaning on" wife Mila Kunis during this difficult time. Gossip Cop is told that wasn't a legitimate scoop, either. It seems apparent the outlet is more interested in concocting faux narratives for traffic than reporting real, verified news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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