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A story claiming Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis would be "floored" if the rape allegations against Danny Masterson are "true" was wholly made-up. Gossip Cop has confirmed the couple, who co-stared with Masterson on "That 70s' Show," are not discussing the scandal with the media, nor are they having anyone close to them leak their purported reactions.

HollywoodLife, which is known for manufacturing fake "exclusives" related to celebrity news topics, asserts that after a "fifth woman has now come forward" to accuse Masterson of rape, his longtime friends are "pretty concerned." A so-called "source close to the married parents of two" is quoted as saying, "They are monitoring it all and being friends with Danny they never saw this behavior at all from him. They know a completely different guy from the one that is being alleged to be doing so many horrible things."

This alleged "insider" supposedly goes on to tell the webloid, "They are keeping close tabs on anything and everything and are there for Danny and obviously hoping that the claims are untrue because the Danny they know is a nice and respectable guy. They'd be floored if things turn out differently." But however Kutcher and Kunis do or don't feel about the situation, they've so far decided to remain publicly silent on the issue, both personally and through their camps.

Gossip Cop pointed this out earlier this month when HollywoodLies, as it's known, claimed to know Kutcher's reaction to Masterson being fired from "The Ranch." No reputable outlet, such as The Hollywood Reporter, has purported to know how Kutcher is dealing with the developments. Nor has any credible publications, like People, reported on Kunis' reaction. Yet this blog wants readers to believe that a real "source" is leaking such information to them and only them. Gossip Cop is not that gullible.

This is now at least the third time this month that the online publication has claimed to have insight on Masterson's scandal from Kutcher and Kunis' perspective, but Gossip Cop is told that none of it has been legitimate. And it seems this latest installment was only concocted to capitalize on, or rather exploit, the fact that Bobette Riales, one of Masterson's ex-girlfriends, came forward this week with new rape claims against him.

Gossip Cop has demonstrated in the past how after something makes waves in the celebrity world, the webloid suddenly, magically seems to have an "insider" giving scoop that no reliable places are reporting. Some of these made-up stories might seem frivolous or inconsequential, but they still need to be called out for what they are: Fake news. And it's particularly egregious to see this journalism malpractice applied to such a serious subject matter, all for the sake of clicks.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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