Ashton Kutcher “Live With Kelly” Video: Watch Actor Co-Host With Kelly Ripa!

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Ashton Kutcher Kelly Ripa Video

By Shari Weiss |

Ashton Kutcher Kelly Ripa Video


Ashton Kutcher co-hosted “Live With Kelly” on Friday, engaging in playful banter with Kelly Ripa. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, the ABC morning talk show has been employing a wide variety of guest co-hosts ever since Michael Strahan unexpectedly left the program last May. While stars like Anderson Cooper and Fred Savage have all appeared multiple times since then, this was Kutcher’s first time in the seat. And he and Ripa walked out arm-in-arm, with the actor bouncing along to the music.

After they were settled, Kutcher amusingly commented, “The chair thing is the real deal. I got warned by 20 people about pulling out Kelly’s chair. I would naturally pull out the chair, but I was warned so many times, I almost forgot.”

Ripa noted that Kutcher is a “father once and a half,” since, as he put it, he and wife Mila Kunis are currently “cooking one.” He quipped, “It’s really fun, the beginning part and the end part.” The star said he was very much a “doula” fur Kunis’ first pregnancy, though he “tried to stay upstairs” during the delivery.

This time around, he’s utterly unprepared, but confirmed, “It’s a little hombre. We’ve got a little hombre on the way.” Kutcher also shared a funny story about sharing a sonogram photo with family, only to have his grandma point out that the baby had a “boner.” An embarrassed and exasperated Kutcher now said, “She’s not supposed to even know that word!”

Kutcher also confirmed he and Kunis picked out a name, but were keeping it private. Still, he told Ripa by whispering it to her, and then panicked that the audience had heard. After it was confirmed the mics were killed during that moment, a relieved Kutcher admitted, “I would’ve gotten murdered. The wife would’ve taken me out!

The two went on to discuss Hurricane Matthew, but the laughs came back when Kutcher went on a rant about not knowing about friend and former co-star Laura Prepon’s engagement until he saw it in the news. She was set to appear as a guest later on in the show. Check out the full opening below!

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