Ashton Kutcher Sings “I’m A Dad” In Boy Band On ‘Late Late Show’ – WATCH VIDEO

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Ashton Kutcher Dad Band James Corden

By Michael Lewittes |

Ashton Kutcher, James Corden, and Danny Masterson sang “I’m A Dad,” as part of the Dad Band the “Puff Daddies” on Wednesday’s “Late, Late Show.” The premise was Boy Band members eventually have kids and become Dad Bands that sing songs about taking care of their babies. Watch the video below.

It began with Corden saying, “I love boy bands… I love them all… I love One Direction, the Jonas Brothers, Backstreet Boys and, of course, the greatest boy band of all time, O-Town.” The “Late, Late Show” host then explained that “boy bands, they don’t go away… They grow up, and they start families, and ultimately they become dads… They’re not boy bands, they’re dad bands.” And with that, he introduced the Puff Daddies, who were making their network debut with their new single, “I’m A Dad.”

Kutcher came out first, pushing a stroller and wearing a Baby Bjorn, with a fake baby inside. Corden and Masterson then came onstage, also with strollers and fake babies in their Baby Bjorns. Kutcher began by singing, “I don’t play games, except peek-a-boo. When I talk about my baby girl, I don’t mean you.”

Following the three men singing the refrain “I’m A Dad,” Corden sang, “I’m never in the club, but I’m up all night long. My kid hates bedtime and wakes up at dawn.” Masterson also crooned about needing “a lot more sleep,” adding, “Just hold my hand when we cross the street.”

Kutcher, Masterson, and Corden then lifted their three (fake) babies out of their carriers and began tossing them in the air, as they sang the refrain, “I’m A Dad” over and over. Check out the video below of the new Dad Band the Puff Daddies performing on the “Late, Late Show.”


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