Ashton Kutcher ‘Baby With Another Woman’ Story Is Shameful Tabloid Garbage

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Ashton Kutcher Baby Mila Kunis

By Daniel Gates |

Ashton Kutcher Baby Mila Kunis

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Mila Kunis is not heartbroken over Ashton Kutcher’s “baby with another woman,” despite a misleading In Touch report claiming the “struggling new mom” is “haunt[ed]” by “tragic reminders” of Kutcher’s past. Gossip Cop can bust the sensational, offensive story.

The tabloid says it’s “learned” that Kunis “still worries about Ashton’s previous brushes with parenthood.” A so-called “insider” tells In Touch, “Ashton got an old girlfriend pregnant years ago, and he was so excited and all their friends were thrilled about the pregnancy news, too. Then the girlfriend had a miscarriage; she and Ashton were devastated.”

The In Touch source goes on to say, “Mila knows if the baby had been born, Ashton would probably still be with that woman today — and Mila wouldn’t have a family with Ashton now.” Then the magazine brings up other near-baby rumors involving Kutcher, and that “insider” adds, “It seems to bother Mila that Ashton almost had kids with these other women.”

This is insane. Kunis and Kutcher just welcomed a baby, and In Touch can’t just let the new parents enjoy life without manufacturing a story implying “another woman” has come between them. Not only isn’t there currently “another woman,” but the unidentified “woman” In Touch is exploiting supposedly miscarried a child years ago.

The idea that Kunis, months after the birth of baby daughter Wyatt, is fixated on what might have happened if Kutcher had started a family with an old girlfriend is as offensive as it is completely off base. A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop the In Touch report is “just more tabloid junk.”


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